Advices I was issued with

No war today, but something very close to it. No winning was done without commitment, sacrifice and shed sweat. Some of you know my aspirations and goals, so along my way of searching for friendly faces I have been issued with some advices. Pretty simple one, but powerful. It didn’t matter what I write about or the quality of my storytelling powers. I was told that those could be trained and mastered with a proper higher ranking writer, so I was issued with one. The command was clear: “Commit to your writing and never give up. If you need me to repeat myself ever again, you have failed your journey. To stop is to DIE! So ask yourself, do you want to die?”. With no other weapons but my quill, I headed for the monsters and adventure of seeking knowledge. Commit to your writing, as the passion and emotion you weave into the writing could not be faked or copied. I have stopped reading those motivational quotes, why? If you need to motivate a writer every now and then, what kind of writer is he? I repeat: Commit to your writing and something good will pop up. 47 followers on WordPress, 29 on Facebook, 7 on Twitter is my brigade and I am damn proud by every single one of them. That is so many times better than 0 followers.

To stop is to disappear. Don’t go that way. Stay as formidable force before your problems, my bredren in Quill.




5 thoughts on “Advices I was issued with

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