Soft spot

It was like they hated me, all of the soldiers I saw as brothers looked at me as a bad seed in the unit. I was useless to them, not fast enough, not precise enough, not though enough to rob a man of his life. Few brothers understood me and my soft spot for civilians, but had no courage to confront their brothers and risk being ridiculed, even to lose face and trust which was the most important during battle.

They left me in the base, said “I too soft for this job” and “This isn’t a place to show mercy, because the enemy can smell weakness”. On one hand I liked staying behind, helping the refugees and civilians that survived the enemy charge. Many were kids, unfit to fend for themselves. Playing football with them or dancing was the pinnacle of our day, then the brigade would come back, wounded, angry, tired, all with death and suffering in their eyes. Their dirty faces, covered with black dust, black powder and blood stared at the children, like they wanted them all dead.

It was hard for them to understand that a tender heart can fight the terrorism, many times efficiently than the rifle. My weakness was my strength. I knew these kinds will assimilate and accept their new homes.



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7 thoughts on “Soft spot

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  4. You need both, “hearts and minds” and the actual killing of the enemy. Killing goes first since it’s impossible to get rid of the terrorist by having a cup of tea with them and talking, then the rear end elements can come in and do all the hearts and minds things. They’re both important jobs to win at least todays war on terrorism. But is extremely hard, you need years of commitment, and that commitment will only come if you have the population on your side, the western population that supports the efforts of us who have been on the ground. I should add that war does create a brotherly love between soldiers, we might not even really like each other that much, but there is an agreement between us that you have a specific job to do wich saves the lifes of others in your unit and same for the others, there is the understanding that you put the welfare of the group as a whole before your own wealth. And there is no other love you can find in life, certainly not civilian life. There is a difference between friendship and brotherhood. That’s why a lot of us actually miss war. Not the killing or being shot at or kill and all that, but the brotherhood.

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    • That’s what I was saying in the story. It is true terrorism won’t go away if we just wish it go away, however we need to challenge their ideology and turn negative into positive. Stop terrorism before it starts from the hate, teach our young of history and good manners. I agree with you on needing both violence and love. Thanks for the comment 😀

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  5. I may not fully understand what you write, not because I don’t like it but simply because I’m not really into war stories and movies. I get too emotional watching them. But, I do applaud your knowledge and keenness to write about what you love. You dogged bravery to read and write what you want to write about. I really do applaud your tenacious mind and uttermost focus. Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌺🌺

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    • Thanks for stating your mind and critique. I think the misunderstanding comes from the language barrier. The moral of the story is: “The violence is not the solution of the problem”. World’s armies invest more in violence (war) that gives a lot less results than the nice words and education. Violence create more violence, therefore hate creates more hate. I oppose violence, however I get fascinated by it. I also get emotional when I watch movies about war, but probably not in the same way as you, and that is a good thing, because we are all individuals. I hope, that people will realise that violence is our true enemy, not the people. I like your writing too, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to read it all. Sorry for that. 😦

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