Full metal ambush


A pack of them broke off and started to flee in the forest, so we gathered a few men, still able to shoot straight and gave them a chase. Subconsciously I knew, if they reach their camp, more of them will descend upon us in a vast number and kill us all. 10 000 Zarians were stronger than 1 000 Ildocian troops, a third of us, just two years in the army. It was better for us to engage their outposts, attack them while in rout, fall back when they send a scouting regiment and slowly cripple their numbers until our reinforcements arrive.

Foolish soldiers left tracks for us to follow, so we pressed our chase, not stopping to investigate the terf we were on. Two squads with the machinegun on top deployed left to follow the curvy path where some of them went, while my squad kept charging forward, it direction of unknown. The vehicle tracks stopped screeching and we paused in the middle of the blackened area where light couldn’t breach the shade. It looked dark as in the cloudy night with no stars. Soon the shadows started dancing around us, moving left and right like wraiths. Click-shlonk – said the blaster in my hands when I loaded the bullet and squinted my eyes at the specters.

– Rise pulse shields and fire few tracers at everything that moves. We don’t want their snipers in neck. – commander spoke quietly and turned on the hologram camera to frisk the woodland in front of us.

I fired a burst of bullets that echoed through the air, causing more movements of wildlife, frighteningly hiding from the humans. Dead silence made chill crawl up my spine, broke sweat on my forehead and made my fingers numb. The driver was somewhat relaxed, not interested of what is about to hit us. He was smoking, throwing his head around and scratched his leg. Commander then showed him the way and he started the noisy engine. Tracks rolled again and few feet forward mine exploded beneath us, breaking the iron shards of the wheel, leaving us in a dead position. Ancient cold of the forest blew in my face, slightly wiping the heat and black smoke from my visor, when the tracks we followed started to rise digging out the dirt covered with decomposed leafs. Soon the electronic green eyes of Zarian drones lit up in a line like fireflies, counting over 10 000 battle ready robots.




9 thoughts on “Full metal ambush

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  7. Interesting write-up, loving the way that you manage to capture the detailed feelings in your writing, the way that you bring out the spectrum of your story. Lovely writing, and great choice of words, Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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