War Stories


As a reporter, Ildok hired me to follow their warband and write down the stories for history purposes. I did what I was told, but I also captured a lot of anecdotes and funny events. Frightened that I just might end up in jail for treason if some general marks my work as mockery of Ildocian troops, I concealed my notebook in the pile of stats that nobody wanted to read, and mind my luck, some Zarian spy in our ranks got his hand on them, thinking those were military secrets, so a month later, the whole thing saw the light.

One page was telling how dumb was to look at the buffed out auxiliary, because those men were proud of their size, admired each others volume of mussels, forgetting that when the battle begins, all of the smaller men will use them as cover and a natural magnet for projectiles. They were impersonating the obvious targets to the Zarian untrained ranks, hard to miss in whatever the terrain they moved in. Body bags piled up rapidly when Zaria moved against us. War ended in a year with heavy loses on both sides, and I ended up in jail for alleged trading of valuable military secrets with Zarians.




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