The whole travel lasted fifteen hours with barely riding in the worm cabine. Snow was thick with icy crust on the top, hiding the deep craters that our artillery used to push away the enemy from their land. Jacob fell asleep on the truck bunker frame, snorted so loud we couldn’t hear each other talk. I don’t blame him, he pulled the most of the weight, and he needed rest. He was the only guy who knew this parts and able to guide us back to our country.

Truck stopped at the open plane, surrounded with the mystic forest. Winking moon was partially lighting the broad terrain where wolf howled and night birds sang the lullabies. It all looked green to me, in the digital mapping vision that measured distances and outlined warm soldiers bodies. Dianna was radio calling the insurgent movements, telling them to step forward, so in few minutes a horse cart breached the wooden horizon. They wasted no time to reach the middle of the flat plate, filled with the high rustling grass.

– So, why are we here? Why can’t these guys do this on their own? – Jacob asked, adjusting his night vision, blowing mist in the icy air.

– They can’t load all of it by themselves. We are here to protect them and assure the generals that the cargo went in the right hands. Warlords have sent the hunting squads in the forest to search for the rebels, and their cities are occupied by the mercenaries. Who else will help them if not us? Don’t be a moron. – I waved away in Jacob’s direction, when he bowed his head, shook off the cold and stood still.

– Well, we haven’t found the right place to do the exchange. Look at this damn grass, standing here like it’s not winter time, bitch ass nature, playin’ smart with the Ildocian Special Squad. I’m here for two hours and I already hate this mothafuckin’ place. Maaan, fuck this thing.

– Shut up, J. They can be anywhere. – I hit his arm, and cautiously approached the wooden wagon with an old man steering and two young boys in the back, too young to be here, – Hi. Are you Akeelaid? – my finger slipped close to the trigger and paused there.

– Aye, I am him. The ZIM sent me to pick up some stuff from you. They said you’ll be here. – smoke escaped his black mustashes while the children blew in their hands.

– Will this thing hold the weight? It doesn’t look safe to transport explosives. – Jacob interupted us, when an old man rose up and gave us unexpected look.

– Explosives?! Nobody said anything about explosives! I ain’t taking no explosives, not around my boys. They said a weapon, not explosives. The last time someone drove explosives, Zarian military tied him up for it and detonate the whole shipment. I would rather die from hunger than go into peaces like my brother did. – he said and moved his horse in hasty speed, setting distance between the cart and heavy truck.

We tried to call him back, but he didn’t turn to hear us. He just disappeared in the forest he came from, leaving us with two tons of C4 and frosting air that painted white on the armored plates. The mission has failed, so we stayed there for one more day waiting for someone else to come while ear dropping the surroundings in fear of the lurking sharpshooters in the dark mysterious forest line.




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