Dronstad 101

Well, this went a lot better than I ever thought it would. I started my blog last year, and struggled to find out how it works, so when I finally got a hang of it… BOOM, achievement unlocked. This is my 101st post, and it makes me very happy. You may probably think that this is nothing, just a hundred post, that’s all, but to me…. It is a huge number. So many things I’ve posted, many are chapters from my novel, some are about my culture and country and the rest is Daily Prompt, where I mass the most of my recruits for the Dronstad Corps. Currently, the number on the stats shows a small company of brothers and sisters in Quill, valiantly stomping in the rhythm, raining likes and comments upon my blog like mortar fire on the enemy.

Here are some digits for all of you I consider my family.

WordPress: 39 followers

Facebook: 27 followers

Twitter: 7 followers

All time views: 577

Average views in month: 430

Posts deployed: 100 + 1

Fun facts about Dronstad

The name Dronstad comes from a play of words Drone and Stadium ( Stadium in Serbian has multiple meanings, and one of them is “Final Stage”), so it describes a project name that the novel is all about. The full project name in the novel is actually “Dragon Stadium”, where I used apocalypse and cyberpunk to erase few letters and so the short term is Dronstad. The name also has a symbolic sound to it, where places that end with “stad” comes from the Nordic parts of the Europe, and “dron” sounds technological, which is pretty neat as I combined paganism and futurism to create a fictional world of mercenaries that roam the broken state. Also, the “Dragon” (fictional being) part in the name, merged with advanced mechanics like “Drones” show the basic idea of the novel, so the name has a double symbolism embedded in the name. Is it cool – tell me in the comments.

So what is Dragon Stage project all about? It is a covert project mission to weaponize nanorobots and create a hive that will construct a symbiosis with the human carrier, making him a superhuman, ultra soldier, a bionic cyborg that will be able to outperform the regular soldier. However, the project have failed to create such a weapon and it was never finished, but there are few prototypes in the world. Instead of destroying the failed project, certain group of people have released the uncontrollable swarms of nanobots, that without a proper handling turned into a toxic mist, a deadly virus that made countries seal their borders in order to protect themselves from a disease with no cure.


The story follows one of those prototype carriers that gradually finds out the truth about what caused the war, revolution and collapse of the state, the pandemic virus that took millions and the people responsible for it. Another fun fact, the hero’s point of view never reveals the name of the main character, nor the name of the city where he lives, nor the name of the country he is in, so there is a persistent mystery build up in the novel. The spirit of the novel is inspired with fast paced adventure, blood and gore, violent sex scenes and many more genres, where anybody can find something they like. It’s not published (still), so I’m holding high hopes for future. I mean, if I gained a platoon of comrades for a year, who knows what the future holds. Yes, I dream big, like someone getting interested in my novel so much that he offers me an international publishing or even a movie contract.

“If you aim, aim high, aim for the stars, pursue your dreams, because you’ll have the whole your life for failures.” – Unknown

And one more quote: “They can turn you down thousand times, but you only need one “Yes” to get in the game.”

I wish to thank all of my 39 followers for deciding I was worth of reading and wish you far more success than I am able to imagine. May your dreams come true.

PS: sharing and liking is welcome, also an occasional Facebook visit is appreciated… And yeah, I would like to hear about your beginnings, stats and numbers and critique of my work. It will be my honor to speak with you.

For more: https://www.facebook.com/dronstad1/


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