Don’t know why

As the title said, I don’t know why, but everytime I hear some song with a good beat, it must end up in an endless loop in every player I have. In car a song plays, in home: same, in the bedroom: same, alarm tune: same, while writing in me headphones: same. I love it, but the people around me are going crazy. Sometimes, I figure it how annoying it must be for them…. Until I find another song I like, then it comes in waves. However, since there is internet, I have found that I’m not alone with the similar habit of torturing those that I love.

Sometimes I find myself think about another song while the first one is still playing. Odd? No, not really. It’s just me. I do hate some songs that other people love, and it is because there is a small part that actually irritates me, like the first note or part of the corus, or sometimes an innocent background noise or ambient sound flips my table. If the beat is broken, or the tone slips, or something is not right, I hate the damn thing and I would not like to hear it ever again. In fact I would like to delete the previously heard song, bury it in the ground, dig it up (because I forgot to burn it), burn it, then bury it in the ground.

 So, anyway. Here it is.


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