Desert War


I could talk about the danger in the night that preys on us. I could talk about those rocky faced aliens we fight. I could talk about many other things like: guard duty, cleaning the toilets, cleaning rifles, washing dishes, brooming the base halls, cleaning all together, but I am not gonna do that. Life threw me on a forsaken place, right in the middle of the desert, just few long thousand miles from home. Reality is far worse than any book will tell, and we all lived in it.

Constant alien attacks, terrorist jumps on our borders,  I’ve seen it all. Twelve hours ago, I was demoted and placed to sit in my bunk and think of what I did yesterday, and yesterday I will remember.

We were in the skirmish with the rocky giants, booming our Milkores at the dented pillar of sand that was an alien leg, trying to stomp us, when the giant turned around and kicked our SUV and instantly made it useless. Metal shard flew around, rolling down the dunne, picking up the sand. Flame burst the leg punching holes that healed a lot faster than we expected, but we kept firing. Tanks helpt us from the top of the hill, aiming at the huge head no one could miss even if tried hard, however the bastard didn’t fell down. His friends came in hot, elevated the terrain and dropped it like a bad habit, which made our knees shake.

– Hit him again! – sergeant yelled his best and gave me a steely gaze, which made me panic.

Instead of running forward, I pulled back and headed for cover. Giants ran through our ranks, massacring the present force, ripping our tanks with delight. I kept my head down, screamed in fear and held my gun like I hugged my daughter. Noise soon went adrift, leaving the terrain filled with metal part sticking from the yellow sand like an abandoned graveyard, which it was. The last thing I remember was the enormous rocky ripped back of the giant I wanted dead, waving to me while walking away and the eyes he threw over the shoulder to laugh at me. I could’ve swear he smirked with disgust and blew sandy mist through his nose.

Sergeant came down on me, screaming in my face, slapping me as a disobidient kid that just broke the neigbours window. I didn’t hear a word he said, maybe when he mentioned “court” and “sorry ass”, but that was all. Tomorrow I have to explain the judge that I wanted to survive the battle and war. Tomorrow I will recive my destiny and punishment. Tomorrow is the day I finally go home, a lot closer to my daughter and her loving smile that kept me going. I did survived because of her.




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