Critique needed

Comment on the one daily post/daily prompt you like the most. No war today. Today we review our work and help each other heal and prosper. Share your thoughts on my work so far and help me take the WORLD… I mean get good, yeah, that’s what I want. *sweating intensely


Body Count

Brother in Arms


Warriors Hart

Snipers Fate

Bunker X-29

Parallel Universe

Viking Charge

Hostile Territory

House of Glass

War Wounds

Post Battle Problems

Picnic Panic

Into the Hell

Combat Lines

Last Reaper Standing

Agent of Death

Directive FL0001

Delta Lima Six

Pink Mist

Alien Hordes

Memes… Enough said!

Annihilator of Tamir

Dog Fight


Dumb Death

100 Days of War


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6 thoughts on “Critique needed

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