Alien hordes


It was horrifying enough to stand on an edge of the wall, the last frontier, but having to fight rocky faced aliens, was more terrifying than the rest of the troubles I’ve been into. Many battles had my face and name in it, many victims begged for mercy as I was slaughtering their whole families, of which some were innocent. I had no control over my body, nor power to disobey the orders or take my own will into action. I was simply a prisoner of the state, disposable unit that was good only for demolition.

Radio was constantly rattling in my ear, shouting the violent cries of those that were left behind the enemy lines. I wanted to move to their aid, save few of them and give us some fighting chance, however, command was to stand still and gaze at the sunset, where the horizon line shimmered in heat and shadows of an approaching enemy. Desert was vast with a high iron wall spread across the hillside of the whole territory, and right on the top, heavy guns awaited the rocky menace.

– Here they come! – comrade said when my rifle automatically rose and locked on a small blimp in the distance.

– Search the quadrant. – I spoke into the microphone, then the visor took over and started to show a radiant turquoise grid, catching shapes of the hills.

Soon enough a huge specter of an alien topled the dull ground with his enormous hand and pushed it in like it was made of sponge. Dirt flew around its hands, blocking the view of warm colors in the sky. Two car size eyes blinked at me, then his teeth presented the darkness of his mouth. My hydraulic oil froze in a moment, throat clogged and lips went dry.

– Thanks God, when we got this suits, we were relieved of a need to leak, or I would be pissing myself right now. – comrade said in mechanical sound, modifying his gun for a bigger calibre.

My visor passed him in a pitiful manner, then it rotated to take aim. “Fire upon those giants!” the raspy command activated the long barrels in the back, then the machines loaded the grenades, closed the shafts and a platoon fire thundered the pale blue air. A strong whistling sound floated for a second then the shells fell down, turning the alien in a fire made tornado. It was magnificent until the sharp, ugly teeth broke the wall of flames and began chasing at us. His brothers exited the hills, took a stand and started running. Our lines wanted to fall back into safety, but the order blocked us in place. Cannons kept showering the field in front of us, enemy struggled to stay whole, but few of them salted the dirt with boulders, blown away from their skulls.

And there I was standing, like watching a movie, not the real life. Arms did what arms had to do, they had their command issued to them. That was my precipice of horror, war and life. The giant climbed the wall, looking at me straight in the visor, while my bursts rattled over his eyes and cheeks. He crossed over me and jumped down to play with the cannons. One of the aliens came very close to the long barrel when the round went through him and shattered his stomach into smithereens. He silently fell there, then the other giant smashed the expensive iron and made it a copy of a trainwreck.

Rifle isolated the sounds around me, but it stopped eventually when the aliens moved further into our territory. I watched them disappear in the dark of night, followed by the cries of the soldiers they left to die in pain. I still wanted to move, but my command was to stay still.




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