Pink Mist


I was not allowed to close my eyes, not even for a second, but the sleep was alluring me into its bliss of darkness. I turned off my bionic arm, just in case I sink into the silence and accidently pull the trigger. There it stood on the ground, resting on the rubble like a dead weight, sleeping more tightly that I ever could, which made me jealous. A small grin followed with a sigh, then I laid my cheek on the scope, pretending I was awake. Old tricks didn’t work like they used to, taking deep breaths that simulated drowning didn’t help, not even taser I hit myself with wasn’t functioning in desired way.

I closed my eyes and everything went pink for a moment, when an angry hit woke me up. Energy buzzed through the arm and it was alive again. My finger danced over the sensitive trigger when my vision, in red grid, took over the sight. Camera shifted in thermal vision, then it started to gain focus on the enemy, approaching towards me from the mist. Technological pattern outlined their form, giving me clear view on the cyborgs that wielded powerful rifles. Aiming program took over the targets, marking their weak points with lasers. Energy surge transformed my sight onto the scope, then the sniper went active.

In twitching bursts the fire rained on them, like comets it pierced their metal skulls where pink haze covered the bleek, watery air, moving around their bodies like smoke of the cigarette. I stopped their attack, but the hail of bullets landed on me. Their grenades exploded around me, ripped my leg off causing the oil to spill in streams, filling the ponds, merge with dirty water, but I could sleep now and dream of the pink mist.




7 thoughts on “Pink Mist

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