Delta Lima Six


It was hit and run. The driver was speeding in the west bound of the city, stretching our lines across the big territory, with intention to steer further due west and lose us in the desert. All units were called in the vicinity, but the response time prolonged because of the passing carneval. I stepped on the gas and took the back streets where cops aren’t welcome, but he just run down a human and it was my duty to catch him. I turned off my siren until I came onto more welcoming ground, then I lit all of my indicators.

– Unit Delta Lima Six in pursuit. Moving west from the hotel. I have the suspect in sight. Suspects vehicle in heading towards the junction of 5th Richmonds and Mercury street. Deploying surveillance drone. – I shouted in the hologram and switched on the mechanism that fired the drone from the car’s top.

Device flew like a rocket, evading the lamp posts and confused citizens, then it straightened up in the air to lock on the brown car. Computer in my vehicle placed antena out, expanded its radius and took over the traffic lights. Cars stopped ideally at the crosswalks, allowing me to continue in the attempt of upper handing the unidentified driver which car took on torgue.

– The vehicle is moving away from the crowd. Base to carneval distance is approximately 12 miles. Identifying process is commencing.  – robot spoke from the car, – Error occurred, beginning the the second attempt. Identifying progress at 1 percent.

Few more patrols joined in, following my ride when two police cars stopped in front of us to form a road block. Sweat ran down my face, seeing the driver taking the other rout, moving into the military base area. If we don’t stop him in time, he will enter heavily guarded turf, risking his life.

“Is he crazy to go there? That’s an US drone base. Nobody is allowed there, specially when they conduct missions.” – I thought for myself, trying to evade some people in costumes.

– Inform the Base Andrews that a rough assailant is heading their way. Tell them not to shoot, because the vehicle is being followed by the San Armando Police Department. Five patrols are behind a modular brown Lincoln Sedan. Licence plates are too dusty to get a clear view of the numbers. – I said, nervously looking at the hologram that was buzzing and losing connection.

– Delta Lima Six, your message is sent to the officer at the main gate. Drone is identifying the suspect, current progress is at the 90 percent. Stand patient for further information. – a robotic sound spoke again, but now it shimmered like it was broken.

A sharp turn made me close to the runner, where I saw a long hair sticking from the seat. She drove frantically hitting the trash cans, splashing water off the street, directly headed at the iron fence.

– Please advise. Suspect is female, probably her car got hacked. She is showing careless driving skills and mechanical movements, it is possible she has lost the control over the vehicle. – I fought to move at one rate behind her, when two GHR 334s appeared from the dirt, at the other side of the fence. Guns begun whirling, ready to destroy the brown car, turning it in a pile of scrap metal.

The car started to hit the brakes, squealing like a tiny animal, when the tyre exploden then the car tumbled and caught fire. Flames rose quickly and the whole thing soon radiated with white heat. An explosion sent blast wave towards me, and that is all I remember.

The good thing is, the people in the carnival were not hurt. Later investigation showed that someone actually have used my car and drone to hijack that brown vehicle. Someone knew what was in that car. I am glad we chase it away from the crowd.




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