Last Reaper Standing


I had to crawl up, right to the pick of the teeth sharp broken wall, from where the field was opening a view on a vast region, covered with craters filled with mutilated bodies. Finally I reached my location, placed my sniper in the rubble and adjusted the scope. A buzzing bullet flew over my helmet and broke in the three. They were in the grass, monitoring the field, illuminated with bright torches in the night sky that were falling like stars.

A tilt of my long dirty hair to the back, a butstock in shoulder and cheek fell on the cold metal. Another buzz broke the piece of wall, just in front of my face, but it didn’t matter. One of them rose, exposing his helmet, where in a second, a flash of bullet made a hole in it, forcing him not to rise again. A fool tried to make a run for me, but a bullet tripped him and made him call for help. Third buzz came very close, throwing dust in my eyes I had to wipe, then the fourth hit the shoulder. I just breathed deep, calmly taking air, holding the scope in the distance. Another torch lit the field, where the reflection on a metal showed me scorched vehicle.

“That is a good position for a sniper” – I thought and rolled right, to another position.

My helmet was left on a former place, attracting his attention. My staff sergeant would say: “It’s ill advised to leave your head unprotected like that”, but he is long gone. Scope was swimming across the field, when a bullet made my helmet roll down the hill, and now I changed my mind about the original plan. Alas, it was too late to do anything. I moved the body of a soldier that laid there, in dirt, and made me a good cover, where the muzzle slided perfectly under his arm. Sixth bullet flew so easily through the dead, splashing blood over me. No one is this precise in the night. It must be some thermal vision he has there.

A big flash from the torch hitting on a scope exposed his position, and yes, he was under the vehicle, right between the wheels, leaned on the one that stood straight. Other tyre was blown away from a mine, making heavy transporter to dig itself in the crater, where it couldn’t get out. The whole thing was ready to collapse, but it still stood motionless.

He fired again at me, punching another hole in my back, making me shake my head in screams and moans. My pissed face fell again on the scope, now ready to blow this motherfucker to Hell. Bursts of fire sparkled upon the vehicle, telling the other guy to bow his head, then it got concentrated on a wheel, me trying to pull it down, but it still had no change. New magazine, new position on the left, and fire came out of the sniper, pushing rubble in the cavity where the snake awaited.

He started to move back, but before he could escape, I showed one in his eye, straight through the scope. His head went back, then his whole body rose and gave a kick to the unstable machine above him. The thing came down with a metal bending, decapitating his head right on the spot.

– Oh God. I just hope that was the last one. – my silent gasp levitated in the air, while I watched the sky, lying on my back, spitting blood.




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