Into the Hell


Someone made a huge mistake leaving me on this God forgotten place. Nice try, but this is nothing, but an obstacle for a veteran, easily crossed with a proper experience. Wounds started to heal, without any sign of infection. Those that were still open, I closed them with red hot knife. I was enjoying this, suffering, struggle, sharp pain in both the legs and arms. They so misjudged me and my capabilities, so now, I’m hoping they are ready for my turn.

Hand shivered holding on a rock, but mind told it to hold tight. Building blew the flames out of the window and alarm wailed in the distance, while they were running. I took two of their men down with me, when the first ignited the bomb. Nobody thought I would survive that, but I did, and I wanted MORE. Lust for blood was strong in me. It lead me to all the right places, bikers bars, riots, darken rooms and hidden spaces. It was the most lit part of my life that I loved so much.

My brothers ran up to me, ready for maneuvering in small streets that were covered with concrete dust. Watbot 23 stood close to me, visor gazing cold at the road where civilians ran for their lives.

– We have a trace on those terrorists. My system is showing 80 % trauma of your bio part of the body.  Sit this one out soldier 42. Your systems show massive surges, it might shut down during the process of pursuit. – he spoke in electronic voice.

– I was made for this. – my sound shivered, following the grind face I fixed on the red blimps in my visor, – Fight is my life, fight is my duty. Death to all that seek destruction.




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