My Beard Styles


Beards came to be very popular and desirable lately, but I’m not doing it because of the trend. I had my beard before it was cool, so its kind a stupid now for me to start falling into what society dictates. My beard started to grow at normal rate when I was 14 years old. That was also the time I started to shave regularly. I was one of few kids among my friends that actually had facial hair. At first it bothered me, because I’ve been laughed at for being different. Friends would call me names and compare me with iconic people that had beard and were not popular for exceptional deeds. All that mistreatment wore off, when biological stands were revealed to me as a beard stands for a mark of an adult man. After some interesting facts, I raised my head in pride and relied peculiar intelligence when ridiculed for my looks. Many years later, all name calling came to a minimum, giving me a lot of time to perform experiments with my, now, favorite playing thing.


This style is one of my extreme looks and highly demanding to maintain. It starts from the bottom of the ears and goes in a sharp triangular curve to the peak of the chin. Neck is clean and mustaches are also removed, leaving only facial hair on the cheeks. Tops of triangles are neatly lined with same space in between, providing badass look of teeth drawn out on lower jaw. Making this look is long time taking process, and I would recommend some help for the best possible result. All of my style forming is being done by razor blade, not trimmer or any other tool. I also use only water for best visibility, cause with soap or foam on the beard; it’s hard to see where the beard is and how process is going. Now, I would also not recommend shaving with nothing else but water on your face, because, that shit hurts like hell. Do it only if extremely resistant on pain, especially when shaving mustaches, those hurt the most, seriously, it made me cry like a girl when I did it first time.

Knight’s honor

This style is my current one at the time. I call it this way, because it resembles a stereotype of today of a medieval horseback warrior. In regards of the style, think of a thick beard stripes that fall from ears, over the cheeks to meet each other beneath the lower lip. Around the mouth and above are mustaches, formed in a wide curved line, like a crescent moon falling down from the nose. Neck is clean shaved, and stripes brought to equal size. I love this look for easy maintenance and for its length. It also makes me appear wiser, older, more experienced and mature. This style often gave me much needed boost of moral and self-confidence when I was attending high school.



When I mention Commando, some of you probable think of harsh lines around mouth with a goatee below, right? I do something similar. Lines are one finger wide or thinner, and they break over the edge of the lower jaw. These lines meet on the top of the chin and connect in one line, thick at the same rate that falls from the lower lip. Mustaches form a cubical around mouth and merge with the beard lines to form a complete style. Cheeks, neck and spaces around lower jaw teeth are shaved to accentuate facial hair. I use this style from time to time, usually when I’m bored and don’t know what else to try. This particular look got its name when I was supper pissed on one of the parties, and as I stormed out of the door, a group of friends noticed me and gave me that remark. I instantly calmed and started to think of their words, where a style name was decided.


It is as what you think. This is the most accurate copy of Hugh Jackman “James Logan” aka “Wolverine” from the “X” men. Thick stripes cover the cheeks and fall together to the side of the lips. Moustaches and chin is shaved as well as the neck. You figured it out… I am a Marvel’s fan, but not a fanatic. It just looks so badass on him, and since I can mold my beard into anything, why not giving it a badass look… might attract some fan girl, who knows. Despite this falls under society standard, I didn’t wore this style to up coming premier of new X men movie or anything similar. I did it opposite way. Whenever I felt like looking like Logan, I grab my razor and start shaving away unnecessary parts. Didn’t get the girl though.


Orthodox priest

To even begin understanding this look, some of you might want to check the internet. Mentioned style is to me, a sign of laziness, even if that’s not true. I look at it, differently, than many others. It is usually a long beard, what is known as a “buck dollar beard”, and it is hard to maintain. To keep this beard you need special oil, daily trimming and grooming, for which I don’t have time or will. I sometimes let it to grow wild; just to see how far it will go before the growth rate starts to slow down. People from my surroundings often commentate and provide disrespectful remarks as I laugh cynical at them, and irritate by coning the ruffled ends. So much win.



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