Most of my time I’ve spent thinking, wandering and observing turmoils around the world, looked at nations getting separated, listened to people crying, while politicians and journalists talked about it. I don’t support violence, but I do get a lot of interest in it, as it is a phenomenon that strikes cultures and lives.  One thing was clear more than the others; War never brought anything good into the world. Now, I know what are you thinking: What can, a little man, do about it?, right? Well, a lot actually. For example: Don’t do things you wouldn’t like to happen to you and your loved ones. Question all of the media. Think with your own head and take nothing that they try to sell you as “compassion”, because they are lacking one. Develop critical thinking and join conversations to gain info about things that are going on in the war zones. Most important part is, to listen with respect for what people have to say, it doesn’t matter if they are speaking complete bull. That will just turn your opinion into a solid principle. Get knowledge, get info, get your gears going. Tolerance is what I seek from people around me.

And know one thing. There are people like you out there, fighting for their country, turning civilians into refugees that leave their homes in approach of the carpet bombing. There could be your troops helping out there, or making it worse, but to risk, is to potentially harm. War itself is a problem. We as humans, need to  force the faulty politic to change it’s mind, without a need for bloodshed. There are ways, we just need to join our minds and find it, but we can’t do it if we have no knowledge about it. Get to know your enemy. We are stronger then them and more in numbers. If we work together, there is no force that will stop us, cause we stand for a right to live. Welcome to my church.



Picking up the topics for writing

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