Update again.


I just ran out of my material, but not out of ideas, so I will post this sort of posts and thoughts. I haven’t had enough time to translate more of my book and short stories, even to participate in Daily Prompt that was the most read stuff on blog. I have found a job, a perfect one I’ll say. I started working at the local orchard as a night guard, which is super cool, as I have a lot of time to read and write there, + the coffee is for free, but not enough sleep and my mission to edit my novel got in the way, so a month of posts naturally ran out. Not many here know that I live in a village, so I work at night, and work home, many times for the whole day. I just hope I’ll menage to survive this sort of tempo and be able to adjust to it or DIE.

giphy (1)

Editing sucks a lot if you ask me, but that is the thing that needs to happen. My beta reader gave me some helpful advices about my novel and right now, I’m trying to sort things out. Currently I am at the 129th page, but the road goes for the 284th, and then there is another 2 novels I wrote in the past 2 years. So you can imagine of what kind of work lays ahead of me. You are not gonna get rid of me that easy. I will still post.

Love and fist bumps to you my comrades in Quill. Take care. 😀



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