Dronstad – Desert Wyvern base


They made their base in a very center of a bomb crater which was sheltered by the knocked down buildings, connected together with their cusps. The road we took was the only path in their defensive region. The buildings that fell, made a hill, a mountain, I’m not sure because the peak was hidden in fog. Attack from its cliffs onto the base was impossible, because of the structure of the pile that looked as a top rim of a volcano where climbing the outer walls was extremely hard. Through its walls, the Wyverns patrolled. They were using this part as a training ground for fighting the Underworld. Zahak had over one thousand battle men he ran with the “Desert Wyverns”. These guys were the most capable of survival in the concrete desert we lived in. Dragoness has given the Zahak the task of protecting the whole East. He alone controls 19 scout towers, and recently he has lost one along with a warehouse.

We approached the plain in a strict center of the crater and pierced beneath the metal beam and so entered the kingdom of the Desert Wyverns. Most of them wore desert beige digital desert camouflage uniforms and cloths over nose as a dust protection. We jumped and bent around the metal construction, concrete beams, until we have reached the safe depts. of the hideout. I noticed the scouts as they were disappearing into the mist, while climbing the ladders and unsafe stairs where a fall from there would surely kill a man. I jumped through the window and got in the broken building. Everything was oddly positioned. Ceiling was on my left, and the floor was on the right. We walked over walls. I have never, until now, had a change to walk on walls. I took a knee to evade the bathroom door which the Wyverns couldn’t close right. Zahak, besides the whole mess, had a taste for a neat living environment. Wall did break when the building fell, but it held onto the healthy construction and kept its form. They took us through shifted doors and carved out ceilings to the road that led to the headquarters, and high up, soldiers were at their training. They slithered and climbed the ruins, jumped from a wall to wall, hung above the chasm, while shooting at the moving targets. A safety net divided us from then, placed 5 meters high that was removed when the final exam came along. They run fast with all of that gear and being shot with rubber bullets. Their training was also implementing the stress and adjustment on pain. Armored Ultra Wyverns were chasing smaller ranks over the course to simulate the real situation, so it looked like a heat of a battle, just above my head.

– All of these guys are crazy. Look at what are they doing. – Israeli commented with big eyes running the heights.

We followed the bold man through the passes, known only by the Wyverns. I got surprised when we stomped onto the green park with a lot of fresh air. Rays fell diagonally, where shadows told us of what kind of weight is located in the rims dome. Few men tended the green area, picking waste that broke off during the night. A two stories high house was dead ahead of us; in the end of the park was a headquarters of the Desert Wyverns. Façade was a beautiful red in color with snow like white bricks at the corners and flower pots in the window frames. A terrace on the second floor was protected by an iron fence, filled with ornaments, while the entrance door was painted in black with yellow numbers on it. On a porch, a well preserved couch held space covered in flower sheets. Wooden parts were painted in the whitest of white I have ever seen in my life. Near the door, two scary and rock standing guards performed their watch through the dimed visors on black helmets. In their arms, a Beretta ARX 160X were waiting for the intruders. The bold man came to them, waved and grabbed the knob, followed by us in a colon. We looked at those dark sentinels with bulged eyes, moved heads away, and then stepped in a beautiful, well lit, spacious hallway. Polished wooden floor smiled at us with sunlight that ricocheted to illuminate the perfectly made white walls. A crystal chandelier hanged in calm, paired with see-through curtains that blocked the windows. Radiators were warm.

Bold Wyvern led us through the left corridor to the glass garden where we have found more soldiers, nurturing the decoration plants and flowers which had a sweet smell. We walked between the lines of shelves and got out on the concrete porch with a grape vines made shade, under which a man in a black tactical suit sat. He was having a pig steak with a side of potatoes and carrots breakfast, with a jazz playing in the background, floating from the antique gramophone. Right from him, was a cook in white uniform that made everything in front of him. Gaze of a sitting man traveled towards the open space which was also carefully maintained. I got a grim picture of it when I realized that the field was populated with gravestones. Bold man came closer to the man with a silent step and whispered something over his shoulder, when this boss man nodded and a bold Wyvern showed us to approach. We lined up to his right side and looked at him chewing the meat and gaze absent at the graveyard. He swiftly took a look on us and got back at eating. The cook had an eye patch he used to hide the scars. Bold Wyvern brought us four chairs and have put them opposite from the table and pointed at them for us to sit. We came to the chairs, took our rifles down to the armrest and pulled the backpacks, then comfortably placed ourselves on the cushions. Man watched at us wandering in his deep thoughts. He folded the silver knife and fork very gently, then he moved the plate to the center of the table to wipe his mouth with a cotton napkin, he then carefully folded. He appeared to me as one of those a mafia guys from the movies that do everything in a slow motion. He pointed at the food on the table, offering it to us, but we moved hands in declining gesture.

– Aren’t you little young for this kind of things?, – he asked thinking about our line of work, – Yes, you are right. What do I have to do with it. – he added, – So, what is the deal here? – he asked leaning back in a chair.

– We came to fulfill the agreement with the Underworld. – Ja Long said with a shaking voice.

– Who was negotiating? – he asked searching for something on the table.

– Yuri Levchenko. Red Block. Russkaya Bratwa. – Sverreson replied with a brow.

The man tilted his head in surprise, and then he reached for a small, nicely decorated metal box, opened it and took it close to his face. He moved his finger around in it, and then I heard the snorting sounds. Besides I didn’t see for what he was doing, I knew he was taking cocaine. He whipped his nose and cleared his throat.

– Yuri, you say? – he asked wonderstruck.

– Yes sir. – Sigurd said in cold.

– I understand, I understand. Alright then. If you say it was him, it surely was him, – he paused, – What was the deal in question? – he asked.

– 7 kilos of medical supplies for 10 of cocaine. – I spoke sharp.

– Isn’t it so? Fair trade. – he cramped his face in odd way.

– Here are the objects agreed upon. – Givon Ben Zev said handing out the backpack.

The man opened his bag and made a funny face.

– Does this trash go along with it? – man commented with a smile.

– Forgive me, but that’s mine. – Israeli spoke stretching his shaking arm toward the bag.

– Relax boys. I understand. Everything is all right. – he said pulling the bricks out, – You can keep the bag. This goes in direct usage. Boys are having a bit of crisis for two days.

He piled up the bricks in front of himself and threw the bag to the Ben Zev. Chef was preparing the food, acting uninterested.

– I don’t need to remind you, that you were never here, nor you have saw or heard anything? – he waved his finger in a threatening manner.

– Of course sir. That goes without saying. – Ja Long nodded.

– You must have been tired. What can I offer you? We have cocaine and brandy. – he spoke with a smile.

Sigurd and Givon burst in a pressured laugh, and I just wanted the ground to swallow me. They recalled through what we have been through, but the man felt offended. He misunderstood their laugh and figured this fools are laughing at him, so he jumped and grabbed his knife.

– What’s so funny?! – he plunged the blade in the table, right at there in front of Givon.
Israeli jerked frightened, and Chinese froze in spot, while the cook kept working.

– He didn’t mean it that way. He is laughing at the unfortunate event that took place this morning. It’s nothing special; we don’t use those sorts of things. – I explained while he drew back to his post.

– Ye, yes. Forgive us, please. That’s one of our intern jokes, sir. – Feng added carefully.

– Aw, it’s alright, boys. Relax. You did a good job. What’s with the all that guns? You are dragging a lot of attention to yourselves, pulling the 5 kilos of unnecessary weight on your backs. – he spoke with no tension in voice.

– Black Bit… The Dragoness didn’t want to risk another interception. – Israeli said.

– To me, it seems that she have marked you on purpose with those, those guns. – a man commented.

– Maybe? – mysteriously the Nord said, rocking in his chair.

– Hmm, maybe. – the man smiled, – So, tell me boys. From what parts do you come from? – he leaned forward on his knees.

– I am southwest, – Israeli said, – Chink is from the southeast, and this blond guy is from the northeast.

– And you are from the northwest. – a man pointed at me.

– No. I am from the downtown, the center. – I said.

– Nice. We cover the whole territory, aren’t we? I understand. What’s happening in town, boys? – he continued with a joyful smirk.

– Would it be over the top, for me, to tell you what is going on in the east? – Asian questioned in fear from the man.

– Yes, yes, I understand. You wouldn’t like to tell me out of sheer respect for me. What sort of a warlord would I be, if I didn’t know of what is going on in my own territory, right? It’s all right, I’m not getting nervous. I had my dick filled with Arany and smoke for one afternoon. What’s up with the Panthers? – he questioned in an evil expression on face.

The chef moved his head aside, interested in what we will say.

– Golden Boys resolved some beef with the Central Crew in a ring. They are celebrating in the moment, and for what I’ve heard, they plan on breaking the treaty with the Black Dragons. – I spoke silently.

– Is that so? That’s the word on a street? Aw, it’s all right, I understand, – he bit his lip, growing distant in thoughts, – Panthers with dread locks… to break the agreement? Would you look at that… Nigger, Rastafarian, treaty… Let them come here, motherfuckers! Let them, so I would make a fucking desert out of their favela, fuck the tribe and the seed they came from! Fucking niggers! – Zahaks’ deputy ragged in his spot.

Obviously he was craving for blood. Arany shadows were out of his reach, and Panthers were more visible than the “Grey Death” which prays from the east. Chasing for the wind and whispers tore his nerves in half. Many soldiers looked lost, drained with empty faces over constant caution and sleepless nights they spent on guard. He walked angrily around the table; the he paused and threw himself in a chair.

– All right. Everything is all right. Separated? What is happening with them? – he questioned with a wide smile.

– Conditions are unchanged. The Market is half abandoned. The streets are clean, and they are nowhere to be found in the Underworld. Everybody is in their hole. – I explained.

– Yes, yes, yes. I understand. What about the Underworld? – he continued.

– Underworld is in the move. Around 280 soldiers have left on a march yesterday, heading north-east with double the number of Corpses. The East has destroyed the attack of the mercenaries. They race our guys to get the loot. – Israeli spoke worried, forming a sad face.

The man laughed drifting away, while staring at the one spot on the ground. He rolled his eyes and twisted his head.

– Arany! Fucking Arany! No one will collect the gear from their streets. Damn coward cunts! How many soldiers have I lost in those streets, – he waved his head disappointed, – It is a suicide to go there. Sebrious have moved with his Dead Wyverns. He took around one thousand men with him. That’s a thousand men less for us! Do you know what the fuck that means?! – he yelled, – That means, that Panthers, Underworld and a goddamn South can launch an attack and kill us all, before you can say, DICK! Lethem here, here! – he burst in rage, throwing things around.

We were afraid of his anger seizures. What was Zahak like, when his deputy was a nerve wreck idiot? Cook went back to his job as we were not that interesting anymore. The man stood up again to take a walk. He repeated his actions, walked slowly and again he stopped near the table to take a seat.

– All right boys. It’s nothing of your fault. Relax. It’s all right. I understand. I understand everything. What can I offer you? We have cocaine and brandy. – deputy smiled joyfully at us.

We looked at each other, while the Chinese cramped his clenched hand, holding the armrest, bulging his eyes at the black uniform, tending to faint.


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