1977 Darkness

For over a month I have waited for the new assignment in one of the hotels, built in the last century. Most of Matoks hotels looked like this, except a dozen of those that made a good profit from the overflow of tourists during the season. City of Matok was perfect for developing truism and it had the biggest trading port which was used to fill out the budget with dealing with other cities. They were attacked and defended by a strong economy, and they were very good at it. Whenever the Ildok would descend here, Matocians would welcome them as liberators and start trading with them. Just few years later, Ildocian domination would decrease when more capable Matocian came along to make deals in their behalf. They slowly pushed them out from all of the branches of the ongoing busyness, to the point where Ildocians are peacefully banished away. To Ildok, it will become too expensive and too demanding to keep garrisons in Matok, so they would leave in calm. Ildocians, Konians and Zarians were equal here; they all got their respect as much they had money to pay for it. Matocians made noise about my kind, because I didn’t look like any of them. To my black skin, I can thank the warlords from the lands away that came here with turquoise banners and conquered Ildok centuries ago. I am a stranger today, outcast, someone who doesn’t belong anywhere and a damn good assassin.

I was cleaning my old generation pulse modular sniper and watched holo-emitor which barely projected one channel, and it had to be the political one. I put on the blinds and turned off the lights, except that one on the table. I didn’t need light; I knew my gun very well so I was able to clean it in darkness. Show started with a tune I couldn’t control via remote whatever I pressed. A military commentator appeared, for whom everybody on the continent knew about. Provocatively dressed hostess was constantly holding the earpiece in which they were telling her questions. I guess they couldn’t allow her to lead the interview, fearing she would drop down some nonsense. On the other side was that chubby, pale, bristling little man, drunk for a quite the time, incapable to keep his eyes open and listen to the pointless questions.

– Mister Kerion. You are known for passionate talk about peace. You constantly speak of war with Zaria and Ildok, as ‘the mistake’ of the century. In your book, you also quote big leaders of Ildok and drag them through the mud all of the time, where you have even called them once, quote: „Bunch of retarded, drugged premature infants“, and by that, your origin is from Ildok. Can you further explain your point? – host shivered in broken hologram signal.

– Of course, doll. Look, I… have never taken a rifle in my hands, and yet, I speak against it. Ha, ha, ha, I know it sounds ridicules, doesn’t it, but my standing is based, not on stupidity as one general have said, let’s not speak of his name, but on the experience and history which is written. A man doesn’t need to be ill to know, by a glimpse on a sick person, that he should stay away from somebody who has been plagued, isn’t it so? You see, that is my point. – man replied, leaned in chair, while waving his hand in gesture.

– Yes, all right. You haven’t answered me why do you think that these international conflicts are a bad thing? Let’s not forget that the most of the conflicts are inspired with vengeance, dating from the ancient times. Ildok has annihilated Zaria several times, and Zaria has, in few attempts, made atrocities like genocide over Ildocians. You stand behind the opinion that all of it was a mistake and the lost cause deeds? – she added with the same tone, trying to keep her breasts inside the dress and not show too much of her private parts.

– Sure I do, sure. That is always bad, but a good thing in some cases. Everybody who picks up a rifle at somebody, deserves the same gun to be picked against him. I believe that, only uneducated man, dumb and total idiot could’ve be able to do such thing. A smart man, my dear, stops and thinks before he advances with aggression on innocent people. They fill the heads to these soldiers like: It is an honor to lay your life for the Country, like; Soldier is brave and looks at death every day he wakes up. Please, those are complete bull-crap. Today’s wars have become busyness to tame the competition or create new conditions for weapon development. If one of those sides doesn’t see the obvious use from the conflict, it will not buy into the provocations. Everything became transparent, too bad the regular civilians don’t see it as they should, because they are being kept in darkness. – the guest spoke mumbling, trying to control his tongue which made him appear hilarious at times.

– Yes, I believe that the most of our public would not agree with you on that, because the people have suffered enough in those wars and occupations. By your humble opinion, whose fault is for that general impression in the country? Whom would you hold responsible for the wars? – hostess continued in feminine voice while adjusting her perfectly nurtured legs.

– Well… a lot of them. In fact, let’s take on Zarian merchants. Why? Well, when raw materials pile up, or if they are in need for new materials, and they are expensive, they make war in certain region to knock down the economy and form black market, and Ildocian live by renting out their army to whoever has enough money to pay them. Politicians are nearly the messengers, plain Sheppard’s that control sheep’s while their masters sit in shade and make profit by selling: wool, milk, cheese, meat, sausages, and woolen clothes. All of it became clear to those that know what to look for and what to ask. Over the continent, Ildocians are the dumbest of all, because they mass the most of the weapons. A smart man, can’t hold on to it for long, and behind them, there is Zaria, because they take on every provocation that Ildok addresses to them. Matocians are biggest shits, because they, from every conflict, make the most of the profit, dealing with both sides. Everything is being done in darkness, trust me. They sell iron from Konia by cheap prices to make tank-cannons and blasters, while to the other side, they sell medical supplies and food aid. And these Konian and Gratnians, they are, my gorgeous, half-witted chicken which can be found in-between two fires as they pull down the living standards, and have in mind that those two cities often took sides in war for their own gain. Following all that I’ve said, you’ll agree, Ildok is the cancer of the continent, because everything spawns from there, even their own city is black as the night, please. Whatever the war is, you’ll find Ildocians at both sides of the trench. They are the menace that should be killed to the last one of them without mercy. – Kerion came to explaining with ever more raging spirit.

– So it appears, you hate Ildok? Your complete point is concentrated on Ildok? – hostess questioned somewhat dumber.

– And Zaria too. Let’s not forget about that bitch. Every Zarian merchant and Matok tradesman should be lined up and shot dead. Anybody who understands my reasoning will see what am I talking about. All notable people in Zaria must end up dead. Absolutely all. They will be soon replaced by other men, and they must be removed too. We are not simply going to get rid of the war. War is our enemy and against it, we must fight, against the causes and the warmongers, not let civilians clash civilians. That is where I stand, what I preach, gorgeous. I have nothing on the normal Zarians and Ildocians, but those with power and money, should be whipped out. – a man explained further while hostess posed before the cameras.

– You have very interesting insight on the world. Thank you for coming to our show and I wish you a lot of success in future works… – girl spoke.

– You are welcome, darling. I am always here for you. – chubby sighed and freely waved.

– And, for the end of our program. Do you have something you would like to say to our spectators? – hostess added with a forced smile, when man turned serious and leaned on his knee to look straight at the camera.

– I am writing a new book where I will clarify who is responsible for all of the wars, you know, so it would be heard at whom the people should point their fingers at, in the next elections. Estimated deadline for publishing is in a year from now, and it can be found on I-link where you can download your copy. Hang in there people, the country will prevail.

With these final words holo-emitor went silent in rustling status. A week later, I got two letters in the bar, holding new targets for elimination. I redrew to my room and have opened them after checking for lethal mechanism. I started to laugh at the irony. In both of the letters was a picture of the renowned military commentator Kerion, it even was the same picture, only in two different envelops. Both of the envelopes came in the same time, from opposite sides. One was Ildocian, and the other Zarian. Kerion was right. Someone handled the sides and used them as sheep’s for gain. Fucking genius.

Two weeks later, I boarded the last boat for Petros, because the whole continent was in a lock down. Kerion got himself eaten by the darkness when I made a crater in his chest and have disappeared like a ghost in the night, leaving Ildok and Zaria to fight over who wanted him dead. Ildok, as always, attacked Zarian, accusing Zaria killing the Ildocian, based on the hate speech, while Zaria condemned Ildok for cutting down one of their own, so the truth would not be heard in his book. One was for sure; Matocian will, in  the shade of darkness, make a lot of wealth, selling raw materials to the both sides.


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