Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Fan-Fiction


Before I even start to write about the new season of Agents of SHIELD, I should present the facts and sources of information that inspired this writing. As there are many of us that follow Sci-Fi, there is not a small amount of fans that passionately monitor over what’s happening in Marvel Universe. The following text is centering around second season of our favorite Agents and connections with the movies we love so much. This is a theory and a idea for the next season to come. My intention is to try bring them here, in Serbia and start good work relations. I would also like to see how the actors, producers and writers in SHIELD headquarters would react to this in front of the camera and consider these facts in upcoming filming, so feel free to share it high and low.


Next season will be based in Sokovia (Marvel’s fictional state located in Eastern Europe). Why there? Why not somewhere else? I believe they have used Serbia as their inspiration for this wasteland. Let me explain why.

They introduce Sokovia as a troubled region like Serbia, and the letters/language Sokovians use? Yes, it’s Serbian. In the movie The Avengers – Age of Ultron, we were able to see some Sokovian heroes like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Their pronunciation is on point in regards of the Serbian accent, almost as they had some Serbian help in mimicking it. The Sokovian capitol is called Novi Grad (New City in English); in Serbia there are similarly named cities like Novi Sad, Novi Pazar, Nova Varoš. Just the name Sokovia is very interesting because Soko means Falcon in Serbian, and there is a real town in Serbia with a similar name called Sokobanja. This is the place where I live. Near Sokobanja is an old fortress called Soko Grad. Sokovia + Novi Grad = Soko Grad. Illuminati confirmed. Just kidding… or am I?


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That is just the first similarity from a quick analysis. The falcon is a predator bird, just like an eagle, a symbol on the Sokovian flag, Serbian flag and SHIELD’s logo. Since we are talking about flags, Serbian and Sokovian flags share the same three colors and an eagle, which is an interesting similarity. These facts could be checked in Google and verified at any time. You can go do that and come back – but wait, there’s more!

Near Sokobanja is a mountain with very interesting features. I’m talking about Rtanj mountain (pronounced [r̩̂ːtaɲ]). A cone shaped terrain with naturally straight sides, it almost looks like it’s manmade. The highest peak is decorated with a demolished chapel of Saint George the Dragon Slayer. This is a second similarity as in the show we can see a temple inside of the ancient town where the Diviner led the Agents. Due to its unusual shape and existing magnetic and gravity deviations, the planes do not fly over this area, and Rtanj has an aura of mysticism. On Rtanj you can’t get a signal on your phone, digital watches go crazy, batteries lose charge in a matter of hours. This is a third similarity, because in season two, Agents can’t use any technology in an old temple where Inhumans receive their powers. What can I say more than, I live in very cool place. Feeling tempted yet? Here I will give some more interesting information’s that are considerate myths.

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The local inhabitants will say the mysticism is not a coincidence, because there is often a cloud standing over the mountain as an aureole. Some of them say that the mountain is not actually a mountain; they claim that under all that dirt and rock is a solid Mayan-style pyramid. It is also considered by some as alien site. In 2012, this region had a lot of visitors who believed in an old Doomsday prophesy, and went there to seek salvation. Many witnesses say that they have seen very tall dark blue humanoid aliens walking in the mist, and lightning orbs that travel horizontally. This could be a match with the Kree and a code name Lincoln, as Kree are an alien race with dark blue pigment of skin, and Lincoln is an Inhuman that has power to control electricity.

The most popular legend is about a wizard’s great treasure, hidden deep in the mountain. It is possible that legend came from the ancient times when some Jewish man excavated part of the mountain and built a chapel for St. George on the very top of Rtanj. However, the mine was shut down after 12 men died when a tunnel collapsed. The mountain was perceived cursed so the survivors stacked their TNT supplies in the chapel and blew it to pieces. This also could be another similarity, like when the agent Mack turned against his friends under the influence of an ancient alien temple. Just think about it! Could it be that the death of twelve miners could be a cover up, because they came in contact with something else while digging for gold? Maybe the real treasure is a power….. not a shiny metal.

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I do understand you are wondering now: “Why do you think they should move there for filming?” Well, the reason is very simple. Production value is the same yet it costs up to 5 times less to film here in Serbia. Their involvement here would enrich our production; providing modern techniques of filmmaking and more benefits. We are more than capable of providing new film sets, well trained actors that already work abroad (like in Hollywood and Russia), world-renowned stuntmen, a new exotic aspect to the show – and of course, a highly-skilled quality workforce for cheap. “But wait. I have heard a lot of things about Serbia. Is it safe?” Yes, it is. Type your question in YouTube and see it for yourself. There’s an American guy named Charles Cather who has been living here for over 5 years, making vlogs about his love for Serbia. His channel: Charles Cather and few videos – Opinion on Serbia 4Opinion on Serbia 2

American pop music is popular here. Have you ever heard of “Exit Festival”? It’s one of the most popular EDM Festivals in the region with more than 1,200,000 visitors and there aren’t any of the problems you might be worried about. Visitors even do the booking for the next year, so it shows that the environment is hospitable towards ‘outsiders’. Hollywood is considered the epitome of entertainment. Our cinemas are filled to the back when a brand new Marvel film or blockbuster comes out. Heck, we even have the Serbian American Football Association with over 20 teams and a few Women’s Flag Football teams. If that is not accepting of American culture, I don’t know what is. I know this could be very useful for the show and Fandom would love this new Marvel’s achievements. It would be so great to implement real life with the fiction and get that positive skepticism. Therefore, come to Serbia. Let’s make marvels. *wink *wink


Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 01 Fan-Fiction

Now when you know all the references, let’s dive. All of the plot development is based on my prediction, not on what we have already seen in the show.


A year of 1523 AD, the sunset covered in darkness falls over the dead trees and stills the grass. A knight and his loyal companions climb the hill searching for the unknown and talk why did they come here instead of help defending the city walls of “Stari Grad” (Old City) which is under siege. The Knight silences them as howling breaks from the front. They draw blade and inflame torches, when a dirty old man in thorny rags reveals itself. A conversation is led asking for wisdom and help, but the wizard magnifies their fires and uses them to annihilate the soldiers. Slowly behind him, elements consume the pyramid high as a mountain, covering her with tonnes of dirt and boulders. A woman figure in ladylike dress approaches her mentor and says: “It is done. None of the humans shall posses a treasure if they are unworthy.” – waves her hand and the dust settles on top of the mountain.
Old man replies: – No, but they will try. Send our brothers to silence harmful word and erase our existence from puny peasant lives.
A woman confirms with a nod and a cloaked huff riders disappear into the woods.

Main part

Present day, SHIELD headquarters, bunch of agents are busy rebuilding the base. A quinjet touch’s ground and Agent May comes out carrying a bag with valuable information’s about Watchdogs and their last lair. Coulson greets her; they talk about future plans, advices her to slow down with work, because of the after effects from the Framework. She acts as usual and explains how work keeps her in reality. Simmons and Fitz are trying to put a dangerous VR Framework under the vault and reconnect all resource endings in the loop so nobody could enter it by chance. Daisy helps them by reconstructing her friendship with the Rising Tide and employs hackers to help. News are blasting information that yet another factory went in flames somewhere in France and that it might be a form of terrorism. All of them, Daisy, Simons and Fitz talk about how somebody needs to stop this violent actions and that the Inhuman should participate. Coulson storms in and notifies everybody on a staff meeting. In a darkened room, projection shows the building surrounded with heavy forces in the middle of LA, and few machinegun nests on the corners, conveniently masked as a food stand and a construction SUV. May is outlying the plan when Daisy asks about the origin of the information and Coulson stops her, explaining that SHIELD thinks, they might have a converted “dog” providing data from the inside, and yet their informant is afraid to show himself, so it must be somebody in the ranking. Plan is settled; catch them alive, everybody gears up. Phil Coulson stops May for a brief chat, but she blows him off, as Framework was just a fiction, not the real world. Phil decides to play along.

Streets of LA, tactical teams are forming on the corner behind Yo-yo and Daisy with May is in the cloaked Quinjet hovering in the air, waiting for the attack. Coulson supervises the angles and orders the team on the ground to be ready for the “runners”. “We about to shake some canine mutts.” – Daisy says laughing, Yo-yo is not amused, and she likes dogs. Fitz deploys Retrievers (yellow orbs) while Simons scouts terrain with drones. Signal is given, teams break loose and breach the facility, dozens wounded, firefight in the hall, Watchdogs protect the door in the back. Sky jumps from the jet and punches the roof, Yo-yo does hers thing. Teams go in with night vision, “icing” the enemy, while others ties dazed opponents and drag them to the extraction point where they are mounted into the Quinjet via cord. Mobile generators kicks in rebooting systems, more fight follows. “Drifters” are spotted by drones and vehicles are rammed into them to prevent leaving the scene. Retrievers are mapping the building, but hacking in the system is impossible. Strange – Fitz thinks violently hitting the keyboard, talking with Simmons, when special operator yells to everybody to haul ass, because a big bomb is hidden in the south wing. Daisy is showing off by destroying Watchdogs armory and garage, soldiers valiantly charge at her, but alas she is more playing with them than fighting. Yo-yo saves her in the last moment when one of the dogs pulled out a gun. Agent cries just came to Sky and she then hooks up the soldier for a Quinjet, then grabs Yo-yo and “shivers” out of there through the hole in the roof. Bomb goes off; fire takes the streets in panic.

Back to base, news are reporting about the incident and SHIELD Agents (non ranking, tactical team) saving civilians and putting them on the distance with the blast radius. Daisy heals herself from a wound she got in the fire, Yo-yo took a hit in the head and Fitz is limping, spilling blood from his leg. A new liaison with the Government is debriefing Coulson on what happened today, and he reassures the lady that everything is under control; it is domestic gang problems, nothing more. Inhuman were not harmed nor involved in pushing forward with the Watchdog agenda. Coulson rises concern with the possible implications of Inhumans and terrorism, because, some religions see it as a gift from Gods. “What stops Scandinavian countries to claim superiority over others when their complete mythology is proven true? We saw Thor and his entourage in New Mexico, Lady Sif once helped us upper handing Asgardian mind controler and our scientists are trying to build a bridge with their world.” – Coulson says, but May just smiles.

– Thor only proven we are not alone in this Universe. People still consider it all to be folklore, nothing more. Earth has mighty allies and that is what we needs to turn into rock solid partnership. If another space hole opens over New York, we would want them to jump to our aid. I think all humans agree to that. Asgardians are not willing to share their technology or weaponry, I can’t deny that, but they are friendly’s. And for the terrorism as much can be said, we have more confused Inhuman hiding their gifts, than radical movements recruiting people with special abilities. Take a look around. We have them helping us, for God’s sakes. – May says leaning on the table, sipping liquid from the cup.
– You sound like Captain America now. He has met a God, yet he claims there is only one God. He never got to sign my card collection. – Phil smiles in ordinary manner and crosses his arms.
– Listen to me Coulson. I know Russians tried to develop their own Cap, and failed. A handful of Inhumans are in Russia, scared of what are they doing to them there, trying to keep it as a secret or become an experiment. “Give me your hungry, your poor…” These Inhumans fit the whole list. – May says.
– So we became like a “school for gifted children”? – Coulson keeps on smiling. (X – men reference)
– If that means saving their lives, than, Yes. We will be their shield, but never a weapon.

Meanwhile, prisoners are awaking to find themselves tied for the chair in a half lighted room. Daisy explains Yo-yo how to conduct an interrogation, how to give them a “gentle tap” on a head, but all Yo-yo does is turning jokes and not acting as instructed. One of the Dogs spills his directives, but nothing important, so he bursts into painful cries, only to find that Yo-yo punched him where it hurts the most.

Fitz-Simons are exploring their love, plan for vacation in Vienna, when Fitz finds some cyber blockade on the obtained hard-drives. It looks advanced, so he passes it on to Daisy, because of her hacker skills. Sky does some of her voodoo, but hard-drive set itself on flames and a computer virus takes over the base. Glitchs on monitor’s present war clashes with blaster riffles from the 90’ for one second, before they completely go dark. All doors are sealed down and air vents are closed so struggle for oxygen starts.

Tech teams rushes to the control room to fix the problem. Every backup console shows no power or ability to receive commands. Fitz and Daisy are trying to figure what happened, but without luck. A prison door clicks; Watchdogs are now in the move. SHIELD’s armory is wide open, alarms start blaring and emergency light shows the way to the roaming enemy. Gunfire raises attention of the agents, Coulson grabs his gun. May start clearing the floor from the intruders. Enemy is somehow moving with ease through the maze of metal doors, while few of the agents are trapped in laboratory with technicians. Daisy is forced to break the door, letting Yo-yo run through the crowd disarming the enemy. May is on patrol, a self made warpath, throwing men around like plowing the snow. Phil comes to Mays aid with ICER gun, shows feelings and gets rejected again. May is afraid to come forward and have a love relation, too much thinking over what has happened with them in Framework. Attack has failed and the power comes back like nothing happened.

Except for destruction of the lab and bullet holes in the walls, most of the equipment is in its optimal state. Coulson demands an answer, yells at his crew and calls Fitz to the office. Inside the office, Coulson starts to write on paper and show it to Fitz who acts confused of why is he writing, and not talking normally. Fitz asks and Phil replies, that whoever did this, is using their cameras and microphones, so Fitz laughs. Coulson then goes full boss on him and starts to argue: how can something like that happen here, when Fitz designed the system, people could’ve died. Answer is bad, so Phil comes closer to him and gives him a task to find whoever did this, and fast. When asked Why, Coulson replies: “Those factories were not ordinary assembly lines. They all went dark before they were blown to pieces. France, Italy and Czech are working on finding out who did it. So far, no data on the culprit. This is first time it happened here. Some preliminary research shows, Inhumans were in some of them when the factories kissed the sky. Don’t tell our guys, we don’t want to make a fuss over a simple glitch, do we now?” – and smiles, -“ I have at most trust in you finding an Inhuman who did this.”

If you liked it, please share this post so I can achieve my goal and bring Marvel Studios in Serbia. If you want me to write second episode, ask for it. For more fresh topics click here: DRONSTAD


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