War wounds


– Sir, you can enter now, but don’t stick for too long, she is still very weak to have visitors. – doctor said, after he woke me up.

I moved my jaw and grabbed my bag and helmet. Door opened silently where strong neon light flashed in my eyes. Nurse was just about to inject pain killers to my sister. Her combat uniform was rippled so heavily, that I didn’t saw the blood stains. Nora barked at me, laying beside the leg of the bed, but bowed her head to the floor when Ella called me.

– Mark, is that you? – she said rising her head, not able to locate me in the room.

White patches were blocking her sight, swarming blur in mine.

– Not here. – the nurse whispered, – She doesn’t need that now. – she added while passing me, so I used my sleeve to remove salty water from face.

– Yup. It’s me sis. H-how are you? Are you feeling better? – I approached the bed and carefully sat in the corner, watching out for Nora’s long teeth.

– Um, I can’t see. Did they turned off the light? – she asked confused, still turning her head and moving hair behind the ear in desperate attempt to locate me in the room.

– No dear. You have lost both of your eyes there. We searched for you for days, until Nora came along and took us to that old building you were in. I-I have found you in the basement, trying to find the exit… Your sniper… – I spoke, but couldn’t continue because of the emotions that stole my voice.

– Oh, so that’s what happened. – she laughed, – I felt when the first bullet hit the window frame and splat toward my head. I thought it’s just a little blood, but I couldn’t wipe it that fast. The second round came straight through the scope. Now that one hurt. – she kept smiling like it was nothing.

– But why have you joined this awful war? I always wanted to ask, but couldn’t find the chance. Why Ella, why? – my voice shook and oscillated like in a broken radio.

She smiled calm, as she enjoyed this, or were those the drugs they gave her?

– O, Mark. You wanted to bring Nora along with you, but she only listens to me. Ha-ha. I couldn’t let you both go there and die. I figured, if I would come along, I could keep you in a close watch, take care of you both. I always looked up at you, imagined the day you would ware that black suit on your wedding, me, standing in the corner, drinking, in search for some of your ex’s to break her perfect nose and all. Heh, you are my twin brother, we go everywhere together. Silly Mark, thinking he could get rid of me by going to war. – she finally have found my hand on the bed, – Don’t feel sorry for me. I came here for the love of Nora and you, and I knew what can happen. Nora follows me blindly as I follow you. That is a true love, besides, I couldn’t sit with my hands crossed while those assholes are ruining our country. Calm down, soldier. – she imitated the manly voice, – I might be blind, but I’m not in disadvantage, you know. I can still kick you ass, with a little help of Nora, isn’t that right girl?! – Nora barked affirmatively, while Ella twisted my arm with a laugh, forcing me to join her.


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