Dronstad – Snatching


We settled in one room on the second floor and kept mapping of what is going on over to their place. A field, long over 500 feet of high uncut grass divided us from them, covered with thick fog that hid us from telescopic sight. Chink pushed to move straight in action, while Nordic sat to the wall and listened to the music near the Israeli who laid in the corner. When I showed night vision to the Chink, he calmed. We have decided to attack them during the night. Just when I thought that everything is all right, this happens. I guess the luck is not following the guys like me.

– Who the fuck are these guys?! – Chink yelled not able to stay in one place.

– They could be anybody. – I said, – With drugs, they can buy many things, and we don’t have formed chain of information to follow the shipment. It is possible that our own guys are toying with us. That wouldn’t be the first nor the last time that, the fucking Wyverns work on their own hand. – I spoke focused on the shaft with a sniper, on the other side of the field.

– You think that Blacks set us up to eliminate us? – Fang continued while helping Givon Ben Zev.

– Or to get rid of us, or to test us. Who knows why they are doing this. – I murmured absent.

– Are you sure it’s one of our own? What if they are Panthers or Separated? – Asian asked when Nordic turned his head toward him.

– Panthers would’ve killed us instantly. Separated are too dumb to pull such a successful jump. They are too slow for us. – Sverreson spoke cold and budged in spot.

Night started to fall. Chink had infra-red laser sight with attached optics for night maneuvers that he exchanged with Sigurd, because Nordic was better marksman, so we placed him as a sharpshooter. They switched sights and readied for action while Givon felt more cold, but at least his bleeding stopped. I changed his gauze and gave him some brandy to drink to warm up and waited for Sun to fall completely behind the buildings. Blue like grayness spilled through the streets when Chink and me went out, on the other side of the building. We planned to come at them from the flank, when Sigurd crawled out and took flat position near concrete divider that was splitting the road from open field. He masked his optics with a rag he have found on the ground, knowing they might see him. He cocked his Steyr A3 and waited for us to get close enough. In a little room where the man ran into, noises were heard and in the same time, the sounds of celebration and argument.

Near the entrance was a skillfully hidden man. He covered himself with trash near bushes and showed itself inside the cavity beneath the stairs. Those little stairs led to the entering doors of three stories high residential building. That building appeared hundred years old with bullet holes and grenade craters that ruined the facade. It was surrounded by other buildings with the same design, along with a neglected green surfaces with plenty of bushes. Music came from one of the windows that they blocked with nailed boards. Ja – Long and I paused at the end of the pavement, and then begun to cross obstacles made of metal, concrete and bushes with a cat walk. We stopped two buildings away and kept observing the situation like two lions a gazelle on a water place. While we got here, night already consumed the city. I put on the night vision and raised my head toward the sentinel where I’ve seen his disgusting, chapped muddy feet that stood out of the cover. I waved to Nordic and pointed at the window. I raised my hand with three fingers high to inform him of how many different voices I hear. I also showed him the man that was hiding in front of us. I ordered the Chink to stay his place until Sigurd starts shooting. Slowly I crept to the sentinel and took position over his head, and then I crumbled down to hide. I gave a signal that the attack can begin.

He attached plastic bottle for the muzzle and wrapped it with the rag to conceal powder flash and direction of the hit. One for the other pops broke the boards on the shaft and screaming became clear inside the house. The man in front of me stood up in a second, frightened by the racket, and have started to search the landscape for assailant. I laid aside so he cannot see me, and Chink knelled down at the bottom of the stairs. Sigurd seized firing. Loud cry and argument grew stronger with the steps of untidy man upon the stairs. He unlocked the door and turned around disoriented to look at the pitch black that disrupted his vision on us, hiding in the bushes. I slowly rose with a gun fixed on him when he opened the door and took the first step in. Unexpected flash and man fell down rolling over stairs. Speedy climbing moves led us storming the space of riddled building. Sigurd fired again over the window providing us with suppressive fire that resemblance the attack of a Rogue Sniper. He kept them on the ground sifting the inner wall, while Chink and me climbed the hill of stairs to find ourselves in wooden hallway filled with doors. From some rooms, a candle light was welcoming us. Screams came from the right room in which I stilled the doorframe to take tousled woman in gun sight, when Ja – Long Feng moved in checking other rooms. This room was overwhelmed with concrete dust that flew from dilapidated wall with pieces of plaster that laid about the woman. Candle was burning on the floor beside the dead man around whom a pond of blood was taking shape and half-rusted carbine with wooden but stock leaned over night table by the window. I have sent flash from the flashlight to Sigurd to stop firing, when he grabbed his rifle and started to run across the field to our aid. Ja – Long yelled to me to come, so I roughly picked up the skinny woman by the neck and forcibly pulled her towards the Asian. I passed two rooms and threw her in the room where Chinese guy had three men in aim. We placed them all on dusty three-seater under which was a dirty old carpet with three fingers of dust over it. Dining room in which we stood had peeled of walls, and left from us, was a kitchen with hanging elements without the doors and a sink stacked with plates crawled by cockroaches.

Sink tubes were cracked and violently ripped and everything had a stench of piss and stale air. House was a junky layer. Old clock with pendulum stood by the door, and bended candles were burning on the kitchen table, loaded with syringes and spoons opposite from Philips’s refrigerator which stood awry on the working part of the sink. Woman wore torn out colorful brown dress. She was bare feet, wrinkled, ugly with wounds on face out of crisis for cocaine. Man beside her carelessly fell back in three-seater, supported his head with crossed fingers while that older guy in running suit with his serious expression held his arms on his knees and watched at us. That third man was laughing without control, gazing his roommates with bulged eyes. They were all scantily dressed.

– Did you check the other rooms? – I asked aggressively.

– I didn’t the last two. – Chinese said.

I swiftly turned waving my gun and left to look at the other rooms. I kicked the door of the first place and threw some light in it. Standing out of that dark space, I searched for what is inside. I moved my hand everywhere illuminating shuffled clothes and knocked  off furniture in the middle of the floor. Bed frame was put upwards against the wall and a showcase in the left corner opposite from the entrance.

Room was absent of people. I moved towards the other room which was down the hall. Under that pile of clothes, a person started to move. I came to the other door and checked them for booby traps. I kicked them in and they opened with a screech. I lit it in a previous manner and then stepped inside to inspect it further. Folding my hands made flashlight so close to the gun. Sigurd came in, with gun presented, and fired once from his rifle Steyr A3. Surprised by a shot I tilted my head and heard a dull impact on the floor. A scream was also heard from the room with Chinese, and behind me was a man around thirty years old. In his hands he held Givon’s TAR 21.


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    • Never been in one as a soldier. Just a fan of violence, but not a supporter of one. War is the real enemy of the human kind, and stupid politicians that make them, actually scratch that, the corporations that control the politicians are the biggest enemy of the people. I did survived the NATO aggression over Yugoslavia back in the 1999., and the whole Balkanization that broke Yugoslavia. I was 11 when it happened, now I’m 28. Though times, man.

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