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People of the world don’t know much about Balkans, even less of Balkans history of Science Fiction, even lesser that it started around the same time when world was scribbling its first Sci-Fi novels. This society which will be further discussed is named after the very first sci-fi writer in this region of the world. In this blog post I will get you in the loop about Balkan society that orbits around the stars.

The man behind all of it

I’m talking about Lazar Komarčić. So, let’s see what is so special about him. He was born January 9th 1839 in Montenegro and died on January 9th 1909. Life in his time was harsh as Serbs have, in that time, broke the chains of 500 years spent in slavery, placed on them by the Ottoman Turks. To be politically vocal back then might get you in trouble. Nevertheless he managed to become a novelist, play-writer, newspaper editor, fighter for freedom and Serbian rights, a Father of Balkans Science Fiction. Best known for a novel “An Extinguished Star”, he became a patron saint of the Balkan folk that do swear by him.

03 Lazar Komarcic
By the year 1862 he took part in unfortunate event where he lost three fingers of his good hand during the Turkish bombardment over Serbian capitol Belgrade. That loss made him inadequate to write, but he didn’t let that stop him. Later on, he learned how to use his disfigured hand and kept lining up the novels that were massively read. That is a mark of a true warrior, as there is story of a valiant sharpshooter that lost his eye in combat, where he just changed the scope onto the other eye and kept repelling the enemy. Totally badass. During the time he was living in, other writers were also gaining attention like Herbert George Wells (1866 – 1945), and Jules Verne (1820 – 1910), which were more read than him, but since 1970 he started receiving a proper fame and respect. Interestingly, the first science fiction play on this planet was performed in Belgrade and published in the magazine “Kolo” in 1889. Both the novel and the play are now considered the foundation of Serbian science fiction literature.

The movement

“Društvo ljubitelja fantastike Lazar Komarčić” or in English “Lazar Komarčić” Science Fiction Association, was founded 1981 when a group of writers decided to form a Fan Society. Primary idea to form such movement was to provide a nesting ground for all aspiring authors and offer help in writing skills development. Their headquarters is located in Belgrade, but it operates in the vast region of Balkan. Association is active through the whole year. They are organizing many events, seminars, grandstands, gatherings, lectures, and counseling, BEOCON manifestation which is a convention for film makers, producers, publishers, fans, comic-book writers and numerous artists in spectrum of genres. Printing and publishing Fiction/Fantasy material is also included in their actions and rewards like “Lazar Komačić” for best work in field of Fiction and “Ljubomir Damnjanović” for best short story published in the magazine “Emitor” which is under Associations supervision. Once a year, the whole convoy made of fans and administrators leave their posts and roam the state, promoting the Festival of Serbian Fantasy Films, visit towns and socialize with young minds that can’t afford coming to Belgrade. Even to this day, Society is struggling, because Sci-Fi is not as popular and strong as those in more powerful countries, but it has a pulse.

As extinguished star has a beat, Association has one too. Headmen Administrators are mystical beings that keep missions in order and steady running, making their best to keep the sanctuary protected and represent safe-haven for all its soldiers that gaze at the starry sky and travel through distorted portals via strong imagination. Their hail comes from the golden bell called Emitor, traveling through the ripples in the air, summoning us to unite under their wing and protect the sacred duty as cyber sentinels. Ghost shuttle that is our temple, drains strength from pitch black universe and fuels us with mysterious powers made of M-theory when a muted bell is sounded in the shiny nose of the rocket… what, to poetical? Fuck you! This is my blog. I like it poetical.

The role and importance of the Association is of the highest order. They alone, with little to none help are making sure the writers in these parts are not alone. Through them, many of my brothers met each other, made friends with people from the region, connected and worked together on interesting projects. Every time they assemble, it’s a therapy for mind, heart and soul. Whenever a movie comes out, a discussion is led to explore ideas further and outlay the critique of the topic on hand. Our dream is to be involved in creating, contribute to the development of Science Fiction in the world as much as we can, and Association is giving us what we need. They follow every rumor of possible new Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Book/Comic-book/Movie there is, and they give their review to us. To be informed is to be able to follow the standards and create on your own impression and thoughts. We have so much to give and share, it makes my head spin out of control.

Conspiracy Theory

Seriously, a conspiracy theory? Yup, everything is better with those. Now, bear with me and listen to what I speak. Literal translation of our “Fathers” name is Lazar Mosquito, where “mosque” stands a root of the word and -ito is a diminutive. Name Lazar is usually misread as “laser”, so it seems he is named “Laser Mosquito”, which is so cool. Mosquito can be found near watery areas like ponds and swamps, neglected places with wild, raw nature such is our little unity where our work is often unique and unrefined. We also write about myths, magic and creatures that drink blood, same as mosquito. Coincidence? I think not. We are small like a mosquito, but our sting is painful. You can kill a nasty bloodsucker, but can you kill an alien laser mosquito? No way in Hell. F. Y. I. they are one, most dreadful things in the world, because they kill more men via viruses, than any other population of animals, insects or race.

Interested enough to visit them?

Emitor site:


Layar Komarčić

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