House of Glass

The waiting room appeared clean, sterile and properly lit. Clean air stormed out of the unit, right over the window which couldn’t be opened. It seemed funny that these corporational buildings have no multiple exits, which looked like the luxurious prison. That’s what we are today, slaves of corporation, expendable workforce. If a bomb would’ve fell here, others will take our place and the life will go on, like there was no bomb. How sad is our life, spent in a box with high walls so we couldn’t smell freedom, flourishing outside this glass panel.

A guard was half asleep in the corners. By a habit I started to examine this poor fellow. I imagined he works long hours, trying to provide for a teenager daughter, while she is spending more time on dating apps, getting dick pics, instead of spending her time with a book and homework.  His wife is probably angered by his absence, his odor of sweat and strong essence of air fresheners the building uses to calm down the workers. His behaviour had changed drastically over the lack of sleep, lack of money, long days spent in stress. He is an honest soul, trapped in what we have named LIFE.

Girl behind the desk seems young and intelligent. I wonder, how many dicks she has seen and licked to get here? She, did had, the perfect lips for the… job. Maybe they placed her here just because of those powdy sausages. How depraved is to think of something like that. At last she opened that heavenly hole and spoke to me.

– Mr. Aster is inviting you to come in sir. – she said it with a smile and pointed at the door.

I returned the smile out of courtesy, grabbed my  briefcase and corrected my hair line. Step inside threw the cloud of cigarette smoke at me. Dimmed room had few lights in the corners. Long table almost knocked my knees as I searched for the people in the room.

– Ah, mister Keel, we’ve been waiting for you. – a deep man’s voice spoke to me from the dark.

– Well, I’ve been here for five hours gentlemen and you haven’t told me anything for all that time. – I said, anxious and nervous.

– We need you now mister Keel, that’s why we have sent for you. Please take a sit. Busyness must not wait. We have to act now if we want to make a fortune. – man sounded like attempting to hide laughter, but in a kind and gentle way, so I took the chair, but he then cleaned his throat and continued, – Mister Keel. Me and my colleagues have agreed to have you help us at a very delicate busyness. Our plan is to top the world market with our products in next five years and reinforce the dollar on the globe. This is where do you come in. We called you… for your set of skills, you do understand of which skills are we talking about, don’t you?

– My skills in planning and estimating the possible outcome in crysis? Yes, I know why I was summoned Mr. Aster. Your hand-man have drafted me already. Get to the point, please. I’m not a very patient person in this sort of situations. – my eyebrows lowered in an ominous manner, and he shifted in place, straightening his tie.

– Alright mister Keel, have it your way. We have made a detailed plan, and CIA has confirmed that they will land us their assets for this mission. President, as always, is not informed on this, he would not understand this busyness. If he ever hears about it, CIA is covering our tracks. – he spoke rapidly but still stating nothing of my concerne.

– Get to the point Mr. Alster. This talk is tiring me. I’ve just spent five hours in nothing. – I nodded my head, and the other guy with bold head turned aggravated.

– We want you to start a war for God sake! How rude!? Mind your manners sir. This is not a childish games we are playing here! – an old man spoke, smoking cigarre.

– War? Where if I might ask?

– Our best option is Syria. It will drain the resources of the allied countries and it will draw Russians to deplete their stocks. Other countries would donate their part and contribute to the fire. – Mr. Aster spoke sharp with no shiver in voice.

– Civilians? How many dead do you want there? – I continued boldly, keeping my serious face like I was already in the game.

– We will steer them to our ally countries to drain them even more. That way, the whole world will become dependable on us and our products… We will make a fortune. – he added showing his teeth in greed that blistered his rotten dark hart.



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