New Hardware

As some of you know, I lost my computer. I didn’t lose it in conventional way, it’s different. Motherboard got fried. You can imagine what kind of loss that was for a guy that paints and writes. It was horrible. I wasn’t shaken by the fact that I have lost bunch of metal, but for what was inside it. He had a beautiful soul. Yes, he told the funniest jokes. Anyway, all my work was lost in the process. I thought that there is no chance of retrieving the valuable files, e-books, research, photos, music and films. Knowing I.T. guy helps in this kind of situations. Hardest thing for me was: the time, waiting, not writing, and not painting. I had to do something to get things around. Money is Balkans is always a problem, and not a small one. To buy a brand new computer you’ll need to collect about 300 Euros, which is a month pay… if you have a decent job. Since this is what I do, I haven’t had that much money to waste on a computer so I had to find some other solution. This is where your slav-ness kicks in.

I spoke with few of my friends, looking for any other alternative, and so I came across with a rumor. It said that you can find a super tech for around 50 euro. But how? you might ask. Well, western states buy new technology every year, and what do they do with the old one? Yes, they throw those away, and I just got my hand on one of them. I bought my first computer in 2008 that died 8 years later in 2016. Old machine had ASUS desktop case, dual-core processor, DDR2 motherboard, integrated graphics, 1 GB RAM memory and 150 GB on hard-disc. This one today is a HP slim-case, quad-core processor, DDR3 motherboard, integrated graphics, 4 GB RAM and 80 GB hard-disc and it folds like a transformer. My work was saved thanks to the help of IT guy that found this machine. All of my writing was saved, pictures and music. Films and series shows were lost, so I kissed them goodbye. Older hard-disc didn’t last for much more, it shut down for the last time. It will be deeply missed. However other horizons opened with numerous possibilities, so I will start exploring them.

First time I heard good news

It came unexpected. It was morning of 25. 12. 2016. I had breakfast and a coffee, and then I fired up the stove and the radio. Having snow outside and warm house, I wasn’t tempted to do anything but to stay inside, so I opened the book and start reading when a phone rang. I thought it’s a cousin so I picked up without looking. From the other end came a strong voice: “You should be joy jumping right now. You have a computer.” My head froze with a glitch sparking in my brain. The voice continued explaining components making me more zoned out. In a short second, emotions overwhelmed me, pulsing in waves, rushing to the surface. For that time spend I felt like a man, hearing he became a father. Like my baby son was born I covered my mouth and kept listening to the voice that sounded happier then I should be. It was magical. I felt I could break my arm and still have a nice day.

First time I saw it

A month later we went visiting my niece, and as it happens to be, my bro in law is a father of my niece. Computer was placed on the table, waiting to meet me. I haven’t seen many different computers in my life, so when I noticed a slim case, it felt odd. My bro opened it and pointed at the components. All parts were folding and unfolding before my eyes, forcing unfamiliar emotions and thoughts. It felt so surreal, so out of the body and strange. I couldn’t believe that this contraption was mine. After a good chat with my brother in law, I gave it a hug and felt its cold metal warming my skin. Soon after that I went playing with my niece, which just learned how to talk properly. Those few days with family made me soft and positive. I still remember it all, because I have never felt that much of joy. That was a good month.


Now when I have everything that I need, my intentions are to get back at writing, making quality content, entertain you guys that love Sci-Fi as much as I do. Looking forward to paint, format, write and post, is the thing that keeps me alive, makes me move and make publishers look for me instead of me chasing them and jerk their sleeves. Now, I am aware that in order to publish, I have to put in a lot of work and accept rejections when less quality work is given, but I must not stop, because stopping is dying. Being a writer is not that easy as it seems and I know that, no need to remind me all of the time. If you want to win, you must not yield to the problems, accept it, become a problem to the problem. It is he, who should be afraid of you. Stay positive and always hope for success, because good things happen. If there is a place for all those writers out there, it must be a slot for us all. Write and read, read and write. Freedom is in writing.

Here are some photos of my new companion. Say Hi to him, and let’s do some good.

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