Hostile Territory


– Are we there yet?! – Thomas yelled,  moving in the same spot while searching for more comfortable position in the sharp edged seat of the patrol vehicle.

Jason and me just laughed at him.

– No, dumbass. We ain’t close to them ugly shitheads. Watch the God damn road and keep quiet. – I shouted through laughter, then Jason bursted in a repetitive “A and H” sounds during the fight to catch the breath.

– Wh’ aren’t you guys afraid of those, those… you know, rocky faces? – Thomas looked at us wonderstruck with jaws open like he saw something shameful.

– Do you wanna die like a coward, head smashed in pancake, or you wanna die a soldier, with a smile on your face? – Jason spoke, somewhat angered and irritated.

Thomas bowed, hiding his face from us and started to go over his gear. We told them to leave the stuff, but he wouldn’t listen to us. Idiot, let him carry the weight we don’t really need for today. I have noticed the look on the Jason’s face. What Thomas have said, it made him question our mission. He nervously held his elemental riffle, played anxiously with the scope, opening it’s shield and closing it like in a game. Now, the nervousness got to me too, but I was pissed. This Thomas neeb made me fear for my life.

– So when are we going to be in their territory? – Thomas questioned out of the blue, not realising he pushed us in this jumpy behaviour.

– Shut the FUCK UP, Thomas! – Jason screamed at the young lad, – Shut the Fuck, or I’ll make you, slimy motherfucker!… Look straight asshole! – he kept yelling at him like he was our worst enemy.

Vehicle kept roaring, fighting the hill we were climbing. Outside was a spacious desert, glowing in pale yellow with a pinch of red, almost pink at times. My thoughts were racing to the distance, to the home and family I left in order to fight this space terrorists. I deepened my breaths so I would calm and enter the firefight with a cool head. Thomas’s moves made me reach for his knee and give it a hard squeeze, while my mouth cramped in a hard line and eyes spoke: “Stop it”. Thomas cringed and understood what I wanted without a word addressed to him. He stopped moving, but he couldn’t seize shaking, because of the dirt road we were on. Radio came murmuring the commands from the base, and the driver responded in ordinary manner. He gave us a signal to move, and we came outside. A line of tanks was formed in the base of an artificial bank, waiting for troops to protect them in their piercing into the hostile territory. Air was clear and fresh, but an aroma of combat was passing through. In the distance, I saw black smoke rising from the strange piles.

– What is that? – Thomas formed idiotic face, battling his helmet that blocked his view.

– That is our first line, you moron. – Jason spoke sensing the trouble from those black, misty omen in the distance, where huge rocky men tossed our tanks like rag dolls.



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