Daily Quote meets men’s humor

Let’s thin out the crowd. This quotes should be seen as a humor, a joke, nothing more or less than that. These one-liners came from the internet, so it’s not of my doing. I feel I need to write this, as there are some people that take the jokes far more seriously than they should. Humor is often used as a healing method. I have heard cancer patients tell the most funniest cancer jokes. My understanding was not aimed to offend them, even less to laugh at the very serious topic and disease that is making their life a living hell. They figured: ‘If I can laugh at it, I just might win this battle, If I can laugh at it, maybe it’s not big of a deal, and I should fight this laughable thing.’ These people are true fighters and warriors of today, and so we all have to try and help them, even share a laugh if it’s possible. It just might help them recover. There is also a saying: Laugh is the sweetest cure. My personal opinion is that people should laugh more often. What do you think?

Cop jokes originally came from the prisons, where people behind bars laughed at their poor fate in captivity. Their coping mechanism was to laugh, to bring some positive light into their dark world. They did this cop jokes to make their time more tolerable. Same goes for any other demographic of society. Men’s humor is made by those man, deeply wounded by bad relationships they had. Women’s humor is made by the women, victims of injustice that has been done upon them. Fun fact: there are safe houses for women where their primary method of healing is based on humor. Leaders of program have many useful activities for empowering victims to deal with their problems and become more capable for new ones. Level of humor in the beginning is set on the lowest bar, and gradually elevated to the dark sense of humor, where the problems are being observed through the different specter and angle. Soon after, victims realise that their problem is completely solved, and that they are ready for re-entering the society.

I am aware that I might draw some hate, however I see the world through different eyes and  I will not let someone close them for me.

Jokes, dark humor, sarcasm and love, not everybody gets it.


Behind every great man, there is a woman rolling her eyes.

I would rather like to be bitten by a rabid dog, that an angry woman.

giphy (3)

Girls are becoming women when they feel a firm reason to… inside of them.

Women are being divided into the two groups, a widows and trying to become one.


Some men are tigers, some are lions, and some are just pussy’s.

Some women are a breeze, some are a tornado, and some just suck at blowing.


If anyone got offended, understand that it wasn’t my original intention. You suppose to laugh and enjoy. However, if you still feel this was inappropriate, You have my most sincere apology.

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