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I would like to use this opportunity and share some of modern Serbian music. Many people don’t know anything about my little country, and what is the best way to get to know it, then through it’s music and culture. I shall list a few videos to give you the taste of what my people have to offer.

My preference varies from EDM, Heavy Metal and Pop Music combined with Dance sound. Those people that know my country, have probably got introduced with “Exit Festival” held in Novi Sad, or “Guča Trumpet Fest” in Lučani. These are two biggest music festivals where most of the tourists were interested at.

Exit Festival


This EDM festival is held usually in July and it lasts for 3 days of non-stop music. The place where the festival is being held is very unique as it is organized in an old fortification called “Petrovaradinska Tvrđava”. It all began when a group of students revolted against the lack of cultural events and wanted an alternative “exit” from the current state in which the country was at that time. They have created an event for a closer group of people, but things got little wild as few hundred students rallied to celebrate the electronic sound. Since 2000, history was taking notes and the Exit festival was borned, where annually more than 200 000 people visit this small place and enjoy in complete freedom of youth.


Here is this years poster with the expected partymakers.


Serbian Dance music

This genre is the most popular among the Serbian teenagers and it can be heard a lot in our clubs… since our twelve year olds can freely go out at midnight and have fun. What can I say, we are peaceful people. One great Serb has said once: “We are East to the West, and we are West to the East. It is our fault, for we have made a house in the crossroads.” This saying has also described our culture in one line, however, we represent the mixture of cultures where our music grew into something we call Balkan sound. This specific genre is mostly American Pop style influenced hybrid that uses genres like Dance music, Pop music, Bahamas beat and domestic Folk Music. Using all of this genres made the unique Mediterranean sound that is very appealing to the young minds in Balkans. Here are some popular songs.

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4 thoughts on “Blog is UP. Party all day. > contains videos

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  4. You have made my comment easy. You are west to east and east to west. We, in India know your country as the home of the Great Alexander. Then, as the power-centre of Marshal Tito, a force against the West and a rebel against the north – the Soviets, and never against the east.

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