Parallel Universe

Systems were in full power. Code flashed in the corner of the screen, showing the process that took a long time to finish the given command. Another window opened and there was  Atomics writing. He has infiltrated their mainframe. Now it’s time to bring down their firewall and instal some plugins that will emit our messages. The plan was brilliant. No one will notice this small changes and if it did, it wouldn’t show in the moderation panel. All of our work was was purely done on the web, so all further incursions would have to be made there, in order to change the settings, and that was next to impossible, because… we own the internet.

Cigarette smoke was dimming the light just enough to let me see the shape of things in the room. Sirens were heard on the street as the eco of clamor of pissed rioters was bouncing off from the building walls. Stupid people, still believing in freedom of choice. My cyber army awaited for this last touches. Soon, all of it will fall upon her head and smash her so hard, it would take days to calm the Nation and media. A voice sounded from the screen.

– Eta koncheno, moy comrade. My job is done. Their portal is wide open for the voyna. I did what you asked, now I collect money. Have fun with your democracy, comrade. – a hard Russian accent said smiling, obviously under the influence of cheap vodka.

– Thanks budd. So you’ve linked the firewall with their defencive app? – I asked with a distortion in sound, and he nodded.

– Da. It is linked with the black ops depo. Whoever goes at them, it will automatic do knock on the bears door, and CIA doesn’t want civilians knock on classified servers. Their com links will fall as soon the satellite get clearance. If they rabotet kak JA dummatch, the cover up will begin soon as they notice a traffic in their vicinity. They cover your incursion, you know, delete all of it. Changes should stay after they wipe the slate. – Atomic spoke, taking more vodka, – Viva La Revolution. Now go do what you wanted.

Window closed and a new opened, but this one colored in purple, a royal color. How insensitive are these government assholes, to place a royal color onto the database, filled with every bloody murder committed in war? Look, there are all of the names listed, bank accounts and threads for metadata. This Russian busted it wide open, but it wasn’t easy. He spent more than two years cracking this, so he did deserved some vodka to celebrate.

– We are ready on your mark. The server IP is transferred in a small firm outside of Seattle. She is not going to know what hit her. – it said on the monitor.

Few more minutes I spent to inform my army made of cyber freedom fighters, a click on a button and we were ready to launch our attack on her. I felt something was missing, so I opened a code generator and added a new line to the original worm form.It said: Try DELETING this. The rest of the evening I spent drinking whiskey from a plastic sup and watched as all of the interiors of the database are being demolished, raided and destroyed, just like she bashed us, free people of America.



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15 thoughts on “Parallel Universe

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  2. The only thing that repeated again and again was the vodka. I know it is a kind of Russian alcoholic drink. In the Russian novels I had been reading, this drink was mentioned quite often. ( I don’t use alcoholic drinks) Is it a wine or brandy or whisky or beer or rum variety?


    • It is a potato brandy. 😀 The name means ‘little water’ in Russian. Here in Balkan, we are also very fond of brandy, just we make it from plums and call it Sliwowitz Rakija. Rakija – Brandy. Russian actually have very good wine selection, some better than Greek and Italian. Most of French wine factories are now Chinese owned.


      • Interesting. Now I recall a story by Tolstoy, in which the Satan’s agent works as a servant for a pious farmer. He causes a crop of excessive potatoes and teaches the farmer to prepare an alcoholic drink out of the potatoes. This way, Satan wins the pious soul of the farmer for himself. At that time I wondered what connection was there between potatoes and alcoholic drinks.

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