So I sit here in front of the white screen, looking at the stats, thinking: How should I make my blog grow? What do I write about to draw more attention? I know that sex sells and violence drags people to sit and watch things burn, while drinking cold beer, relaxing in a summer chair, but is that the way I want to make this blog work? My blog is suppose to run in its optimal power just in four day and I haven’t prepared much to treat my follower, so what should I make for them? I have planned to organise some form of party, post few dubstep song, but what if they don’t like it? Will they leave or somehow, they’ll actually enjoy in what I have to offer? Are my stories interesting enough to mass the population on my blog? Why am I thinking so much about this? If I am any good, the success is inevitable, right? I shouldn’t try to push thing too much, it might be too much. What does this “publish” button do?



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