Oxygen tank was out of shape, but it held well on my back. It wasn’t in the way while working, so I just kept going. Mask was also bent because, sometimes, we saw some action, even if all of us were demoted to the Cleaning Units. Space ship flew over us and stopped to scout the horizon for possible treats. His burners were most than welcome in this frosted and hostile environment. Collecting the damn creatures parts left disgusting ooze upon my gloves, for which I was warned not to let it touch me. Some crazy things happened when their burnt blood feels the skin. It made me afraid for my life, because I had to worry about their blood, their charge on desolated plains we took from them, functionality of my gear and oxygen levels. I knew one of these will be the end of me, but I said: Not today, homeboy. Ain’t nobody gonna have my life, yo.

Others were too busy to look at he sunset, to witness the screaming green specter that radiated from far away, mixing with pink mist and blue fumes.

– Oh, shit! It burns through the suit. Blue fumes are so funny when Oxygen tank is on the ground, ten feet away from me.



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