First day of Spring


Symbolism of Spring for shows the BEGINNING, LIFE and unstoppable force of nature to transform. Here in Balkans, Spring just started, and from the start there are wonderful colors in the world. At the first day of new season, one must wonder, what are my plans for the future? What am I going to do today, on this beautiful sunny day, filled with scents of barely bloomed flowers, rays in my face? It makes you take a breath and relax, fry in the Sun and have a cold drink, but babushka already had plans, grab the basket, take the hoe and water can, we go plant onions and garlic… and all I wanted is to smell the flowers.


Not My Season 

Even thou the Spring stands for positive aspect on life and has a charge of positive energy floating around, I somehow in the Spring, get a feeling of depression. Why? – you might ask. Well, for me, a year starts at Spring.and ends with winter. This is a circle of seasons, and you can’t start a new page without recapping what you did in the last page.(I’m being a writer and all) My life is a book, where every page is written for a year and every new page comes when life blossoms.

I start recalling all of the bad things that happened to me, all of the things I could’ve done and didn’t, my emptiness of life, lack of love, lack of emotions, turbulent past of my Country. It makes me question myself, wonder off into dark places that I keep under the lock and rarely visit. Yet, I instantly get flashes of all the good things, friends, family meeting, happiness and joy of playing with my niece. Somehow a melodic dubstep starts playing in my head and everything falls back in place. I take a breath and put on a smile, knowing that future is going to pull me towards all of the good that is set for me, that I just might make it, become a writer, publish my book and have a movie made in Hollywood. Yes, I dream big. It might rain today, but tomorrow, a rainbow will appear over my house and all it will be good.


Silver lining

I don’t want to end with a bad impression. That’s just not my thing. 0K, maybe in writing stories, but real life should be fun and exciting, not dark and bloom (see what I did there, hah?). To all that have the same problem like me: Get out, take a walk, stuff your ears with a rustling river sound, a song of birds, laughter of happy kids, warm tone of love and enjoy life. The Spring is here. It is a new beginning for nature, for everybody, for you. Get inspired, write, read… make love. Take a knee, catch breath, rest, then head back to combat and fight for what you want to happen to you. Take no prisoners, but help your own comrades, because they will help you. If not inspired, inspire the others, give them something to write about. Blogers of the World, UNITE!… I just opened myself.

It’s Spring, so stop for a moment and smell the blossomed flowers.


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