Badass You Tubers

Charles Cather

“Ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing, it’s Charles.”

Charles Cather is American man from Greenup, Illinois. He came across some Serbs in some FB page and instantly fell in conversation about numerous topics. After volumes spoken, he actually decided to visit Balkans, where he met his internet friends. Like his eyes were seeing color for the first time, he has soaked in many pictures of Balkan that went straight against stereotypes of Eastern Europe. He also experienced many wonderful things which made influence on him to stay a little longer, and now we can’t get rid of him (*sarcasm dummy, we want him here).

His channel is wrapped around Serbia, Serbs culture, tradition, lifestyle and many more. Making his videos, he tends to do a lot of v-logging, food revision, commentate on trendy news and mishaps that frequently take place in the Balkans. Every video is filled with positive spirit, up lifting comments, wide smile that’s radiant as the Sun. He is very vocal in general mistreatment of Serbs in western media, and would warmly recommend hearing the other side before jumping to conclusion. To describe this American we can begin by saying he is open minded, because, if he wasn’t, he would not dare coming to Eastern Europe. He is also very understanding, curious, questions everything, therefore he is smart, thoughtful, compassionate and this is only a small list, I can go on for days until I use every word I have, and then start to repeat myself. He generally gathers foreigners interested in trips to Serbia, and a small population of Serbs that live around him. Now he can pick any state in the globe and be sure there is someone he knows from YouTube and Facebook, yeah, he is known that much. If this remotely made you curious, check his channel or some of his blog posts he has in WordPress. Message of his videos: “Be open to people”, “Don’t do things you wouldn’t want be done upon you”.


Gabbie Show

“No generic greeting.” – Gabrielle Hanna

Gabrielle Hanna is American woman from Pennsylvania. Known more for Vine, she became world wide famous comedian (if a guy from Balkan knows about her, chances are whole Europe knows her the same). She might be the first generation of Viners that placed the app on search engines along with the others that were massively popular. After some time she transferred onto other platform and now she has several YouTube channels where she thrives. She kept her style from Vine intact and made a hybrid due to a longer time frame she could use on YouTube, so she became better and more successful.

Her primary channel is dedicated towards real life experience of the world, displeasing social encounters, girly problems and personal struggle, packed in comedic expression. She is party girl, easy to talk to, open about various subjects and frequently talks about having a sixth sense. Way of making her videos, she tends to do classic v-log style with a slight changes of background. Watching her videos, one thing becomes boundlessly clear; she has enormous self confidence and self respect. Her dealing with problems could be used as an advice to teenagers of how to act or in rare occasions, how not to do things. To describe this wonderful person, one must look pass the first impression. In her vines, she often used darker humor, and we all know that is a sign of intelligence. Comic side showed up clearly, when sarcasm based plots were installed into her vines, giving us a small taste of what she can really do if given chance. Gabrielle also has great charm, that lures younger generations to her channel and positive thinking is making them stay fixed to the monitor. I could use many other words to explain why I like her, but one is enough… perfection. Message from her videos: “Think before acting”, “Believe in your self”.


Philip DeFranco

“Hello, you beautiful bastards, let’s jump right into it.” – Philip DeFranco

Philip James DeFranco Jr. is American man from Bronx, New York. His path to the YouTube was hard and exhausting, but eventually it paid off as he now has over 4 700 000 subscribers. He worked some other jobs while building his internet career on strong foundation, and now he is full time You Tuber. As channel grew, the amount of fame followed, because he is so friendly, whole Internet knows him. He is a family man that does what he likes and happily enjoys life with his wife and son. Currently, his primer channel is hitting the top of the entertainment based show channels and we are graceful “Nation”.

His work on YouTube orbits over all hot topics that do happen around us. Philip provides fresh information’s about technology, pop culture, YouTube culture, culture itself and numerous fun facts that might interest population. It is not a wonder to hear him speak about drugs, war, crime, misbehavior, violence and genuine nice things, like heartwarming videos and humanity at its best. Appearance of the videos is more of a speed v-logging with various topics, neatly jammed into a timeline. Channel is insightful, systematic and entertaining, although it’s mainly news. When he critiques events and actions, a viewer is informed about his standing points which he defends passionately. Frequently he asks his fandom to join the conversation, but only when all important facts are been given. He is very understanding, curious, intelligent, smart, introspective, non-judgmental, compassionate and more. A wide smile will always be upon his face when there is an ironic side to the story and he will even point out fun stuff in those grim ones. Message that he tries to spread is: “Question everything before forming an opinion”, “Use your head, not your TV”.


Jenna Moreci

“HellOoo.” – Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci is American woman from Redwood, California. YouTube isn’t her original call, but, she’ll do anything to make people read. She is a former model and a writer that took the writers challenge and started to gaze at the monsters teeth… publishing monsters teeth. Considers herself a cyborg, facts based creature that would rather tell you the harsh truth, than a convenient lie. Early life was hard, but now she owns it like a boss. She wrote a book called “Eve – The Awakening”, published it, and now she works on another one. Nothing makes her happier than writing, reading, coffee, nice weather and a finished chapter.

Her channel is small, but gold nugget. She does basic v-log style advice providing, that helps a lot of new writers with their own struggle trough the blizzard of problems known only to those that write. Her charm, comedic side and skillful story telling runs trough the videos, as she explains the problem and offers a lot of suggestions of how to deal with it. Mesmerizing facial features, kind voice and smart answers dominate the videos. A viewer also might notice hers private problem where she helps her partner with his health and awesome weirdness which is like a fine wine… cellar. She is always positive, smiled, and friendly with short breaks of seriousness. Writer or not, she deserves a lot more subscribers. Messages in videos: “Don’t give up your imagination and great power of written word that shows it to others”, “Think positive, make good results”.



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