Dronstad – Fighting the drones


Hastily they ran in the hall of an old building. The sidewalk left empty and street became calm. Caught by surprise we walked toward the entrance of the building. Three senior buffed out Wyverns in bulletproof vets came out from the building and quickly pulled us in. I stopped by the side of one of them and confusedly looked at what they were doing. They stuck the door with one metal lever and with weapons drawn out they watched at the mist outside.

– What is happening? Are we under attack? – I asked high muscular Metalhead.

– Military drone. – he responded with rage in his voice, not drawing sight from the fog.

– How do you know? – I asked.

– It buzzes more intensively. We knew he is in flight. Whenever we use “blast”, they appear. Sometimes they send Walkers or motorized ones, this one is flying, class Turbo Bee.

Class Turbo Bee is suitable for maneuvering in small environments and it has a great speed. Due to the fog it uses GPS mapping system, and because of low visibility it has LED light. Camera serves to monitor the field which he is scouting and it’s usually armed with short assault rifle with explosive rounds. It’s the size of the two computer cases and it is powered by four servo motors set out in the “X” position. Two elliptical parts make one unit. First compartment contains kevlar casing carrying component of an assault gun and ammunition, while the other one has robotics which controls the actions of the drone and drive that powers the contraption. I’ve seen dismantled versions, never functional. There was nothing of worth on them, because due to failure or capturing, it can activate self-destruction sequence. Each part is embedded in a strong explosive charge and makes miracles in strong population of live force.

– Guerrilla must be suffering great losses from these buzzers. – I said ironically.

– It is far from true. Panthers are taking them down, before they arrive to their territory, and even motorized one fly in the air. They keep rolling for some time and when it turns it’s camera to the knocked buildings, it sees a ball followed by a steam of smoke and BOOM. In case it survives warning, they start shooting from all directions and blow it up into smithereens. – Metalhead answered.

Irritating whir stepped up from the outside followed by a beam of light. In happy manner, strong light was mottling the ground, while the sound changed the mode into hum. It dropped close to the ground and then I could see how it looks like. Engines were picking up the dust from the ground while the weightless contraption took stroll around moving up and down, and left to the right. Flying drone vigorously made swerves and slowly glided; turning its head toward us and then it rotated his whole body toward our position. He was floating slowly to the door. Blinding light was burning through the closed doors, forming silhouettes of Black that bedimmed in front of me. They stood frozen and waited burst of fire to start within the flying apparatus. Estofas was cautiously pulling out his huge sword from the Azels back, smelling heavy tension in the air. Drone lightly moved further from us and crossed above that small coffee table outside. It made pause and engines slowed down its working pace. Estofas appeared too anxious.

– Fuck the Fog. I forgot to take the jar in. – one Metalhead sounded off.

The drone easily pointed his light at half full jars on the table with mechanical sounds. “Crap”, I thought, ”It won’t go away now, for sure.” I felt someone’s hand on the left shoulder as it pushed me aside in great strength.

– He is mine. – armored Demon growled.

It was a big thewy bearded black man. He was carrying a strange metal helmet with a wide visor connected with face armor. He had some 200 teeth tide around his neck and something resembling the horns. Two huge tusks were pointing out above his shoulders; fasten for the bulletproof vest on his back. Bloody stains were on his clothes, making him look like he came right out of a nightmare.

 Metal Exo-skeleton had parts of bone harness for its construction while his black boots had metal tiles and spikes. His legs were protected with skillfully bended shards from motor drones which he has destroyed. He also had protection on elbows and knees. The Exo-skeleton gave him additional strength and mobility which made him far more deadly. Everybody was watching him surprised. He moved towards the door, eyes fixed upon the drone that was levitating left-right, taking pictures of objects which he encountered. Two Metalheads removed lever and stood ready to open the huge door. Demon grasped its wide sword made of industrial residue steel and short-barelled shotgun. Easily he squeaked through the door and stopped relaxed at few feet from the drone. Flying device rose in height of the Demons head to take few more pictures without knowing that the enemy was behind him. Demon looked at us, raised his shotgun and pointed it at the drone.

– Khm, Khm … – Demon caught and drone turned towards him in a flash, – Sir Commissioners from the Eight … Your people are dead. Send us more. – he spoke calmly.



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