Dronstad – Patrol


Man in jacket, without complains, with two more men and his dogs moved toward the street. Two brothers with caps put on their headscarves over faces, lowered their Abakan’s[1] and with running steps took pediment of the column. It seems that blond Crystal and I were taking care of the end. Slight smile on her face and we were on the move. The guy in jacket with other two guys and dogs was making a line in the middle. He stood in the center, while others leaned on the skyscrapers walls, carrying out surveillance of the buildings through their scopes. The first up front were looking out for minefields and crossroads, with tactical overpass one after another. To us in the back of patrol fell the task of watching for details and the environment. Crystal was making small waves with her exuberant pony tale in the air which, she occasionally has sent while running. It was cute, since she is ten years older than me. She had cotton made black and white scarf around her neck, olive green shirt, beige jacket and several bandages in her pocket of brown saggy hump pants, because her son Guy is known for falling and busted knees. She was skillfully jumping over the broken posts and moved in a zigzag along side with me, while checking the windows and shafts. I was walking onto her steps with a gun pointing down. Brothers with caps were with the same skill stopping at the end of each concrete pile, inspecting them, moving or spraying them with red paint to signal the mined trap. Middle was moving step by step close with the walls of the buildings taking a knee at every corner until we catch up with them. Dogs were sniffing around, pissing at any convenient place they saw. Everybody was tense, but again, very normal. Caterpillars of a combat vehicle were spilled before us. Pieces of rockets were sticking out from the walls. Crystal would turn at me a couple of times with speed to verify if I was still there. I understood her; maybe she wants to adapt the pace with me or is it the motherly instinct that she had felling for me? We have turned at the other side and then it became simpler. There is a strong territory of Dragons. We all could take an easy breath now. No one is going through their yard unnoticed. Crystal has kept her step with me with a smile. Sometimes she would accidentally throw her eyes on me. Maybe she wants to ask me something, but felt bloomy to start first.

– Why are you laughing all the time? – I questioned with a struggle to catch breath.

– Woe. He speaks … I don’t know. It is nice when you’ve got company. – she answered it with a wide smile pointing at blushed cheeks.

– Good for you when you have the strength to smile. It appears that you need a little for a laugh? – I joked, – That’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, I just find it… strange.

– No, it’s alright, I understand. I guess one day must be nice. Since from the aggression, pandemic and bombardment I rarely smile, but I still can. As long as I can smile and be joyful, there is hope for better to come … I guess. – she answered looking at me.

– I guess. – I confirmed, – Maybe it’s wise to laugh more. Optimism is a useful attitude, – I said it without peeling off the view from the streets, – I guess. – I added and than I smiled back.

            She joyously nodded her head. I have looked at her so happy and I wished to believe her, but I just nodded too. My eyes came little closed, as to everybody when it smiles. Combatants were lined up at the high cement screen to stroke some domestic brandy and burn their hand rolled cigarettes, when a fervid havoc of drum barrage and electric guitars chords began sprawling. We have all moved below the gray cremated roof of a bus, which was based on the crippled wall and made a break from walking. Crystal was standing on salient part of the shelter. Bended forward, she kept guard while we guys were trading flask and made clouds of smoke. Dogs as per their habit were snooping, wailing and snarling one to another consistently implicating into the feet of their owner.

– … Yes, only when I smile! – said the guy in jacket through a laugh and all have started  to laugh at the joke which was told.

I didn’t hear the whole joke so I thought it would be stupid of me to laugh forced. I watched toward my boots, kept my mouth shut based solely on the bus contour and looked imaginative.

– Wait, wait. How come you work as a “separate”? Why didn’t you get in any of the gangs? If anybody needs a surgeon, those are the gangs? – a brother with dark green scarf asked.

– See – man in jacket started to explain, – If I wanted someone to order me around and constantly lecture me, you think that I would work alone bud? The first thing I did when I arrived in the city was that I went to the Underground. The second thing, bud, I found a slaughterhouse and started to mangle pigs like crazy until some of the bosses came to me and asked, “Do I know to do that on people?” but, than I told him that I am thought to sew ‘em up and putting them together. As soon as I entered the surgery I started putting things in backpack, and bandages, and medicines, and morphine, and syringes, and needles, until the backpack was full …, – How were you able to get out from there? It’s impossible of them to let you go like that? – second brother with blue scarf interrupted him, – Of course I didn’t bud. I slit two guys throats with a scalpel and took third as hostage until I came to the staircase that was leading up.

They all behaved as under a spell in his presence. Only Crystal and I were down to the ground. This sadistic, horrible, antediluvian jerk has got out from the Underworld and now he thinks he’s the man, that he’s all dangerous. Such a way of thinking is going to place him in the tomb or feed the same pigs he praises killing with his own flesh. I wanted to put him on the ground and curse in rage, but that wouldn’t likely change his rotten attitude.

We stood there for a couple of minutes more and then re-started toward the church, but this time from the parallel street. We were deeply in the vicinity of the Dragons, but we should turn our attention to the police patrol which could return from this direction to the south. Crystal was walking same as me, scouted this route while choosing steps backwards. We knew that it is possible for them to appear from out of nowhere and in which direction they might go and even if it is the sniping detachment, we should be the first to spot them. They almost never go this deep in someone’s territory. They must be well armed. Brother with a green scarf has stalled at the broad junction and very slowly waved in the height of his head to the distance. He said hello to the Dragons watch tower which was located near us and if he didn’t, they would shoot from all available tools. In light steps we came to the beginning of a broad crossroads, just at the place where the green – scarf waved. I raised my head in the direction of distorted apartment which was watching the street. The look of the room appeared empty. A small table and ripped armchair were dominating mid-premises. Above dilapidated wall of bricks was a picture of flowers hanging disproportionally, and in addition to it, there were peeled wires that once conducted electricity. Empty, quite empty, no traces of people or any weapons. From out of nowhere, a white hand appeared waving up – down. I waved in a similar style. The passage is allowed to us and palm quickly disappeared. Cunning are these Dragons. Anyone who does not know the streets… dies. I limped over a corpse with a red paint in the midst of the pavement and scoped the pale street. I ran to catch up with the Guys mom which was still heading backwards. Parking on the both sides of the road was decorated for movement on the sidewalk. Sheltered passes made from the vehicles made the roadblocks, a tunnel on the sidewalks. These were made by the gang in order to provide them shelter while falling back during the conflict. Barricade was in fact a breakage of car nailed in other breakage, so it’s hard to tell where one begins, and other ends. Crystal turned toward me.

– Everything is all right? – she asked taking breath.

– Yup. – I responded nodding, and she confirmed with a smile.

Not even two minutes passed by when a silent rattling of an engine was heard. Crystal and I were the only ones who have heard it. The others were too far. Crystal quickly changed the expression of her face and paused.

– Do you hear the same as I? – she asked wonderstruck, taking breath.

– Sounds like… a truck. – I replied coldblooded.

I should have immediately figure it out that this is the patrol which we wanted to avoid, but I was probably taken by the moment. All the time people were mentioning that they are in town and yet, I get surprised. Crystal turned towards the leading members and throwing her hair in the back she queried:

– Hey guys, do you hear something?

They stopped to listen, but they couldn’t hear anything, because of these mutts that won’t stop interrupting us with that howling. Guys were watching at all sides grinding, turning in all directions in tries to comprehend what was they needed to hear.

– Is it rockets? – brother with blue scarf asked louring his eyebrows.

– No it isn’t, shut up. It is far and it doesn’t hisses. – Crystal blared sharply, raising her head toward the skies which wasn’t visible from the thick fog.

– So what is it then smartass? – slick man commented sarcastically.

– Armorers. – I spoke silently with fear in voice.

– How do you know? – Crystal query confused.

I haven’t replied, I just pointed my stoned view far in barely visible passing in front of me. Through the second, a silhouette of a blue armored carrier started to emerge. At that place where we drank and took rest was the steel monstrosity which sows death. With a difficult bark of an engine which was ringing through the empty streets and bouncing off from the walls, two huge lights appeared. It lit the third on the dome and started to mingle over the tall buildings and around him. The sound of it calmed down and started to approach our location. Asphalt and trash under his steel belted tire started crackling which replaced the sound of an engine. Only these damn dogs were more vociferous than him, and to kill them now, is to reveal that they are not alone in the mist.

– Shit. – Crystal said stone made, – Take shelter, the bigger the better! – she reacted angrily, – Maybe they don’t know we are here, fog is hiding us. If we hide behind those pillars and cars … Survive this day, fuck them up tomorrow. – she spoke wile assembling hers P-90.[2]

The others have scattered looking for shelter from the armored hill which was slithering midst the streets. I laid under the intersected van and put ripped off seat over the legs and perfectly camouflaged myself. Heavy metal was screaming in pace with engine clips which were becoming increasingly more vociferous. I watched directly at him, but the other thing was driving away my attention. Shadows in the background of the transporter were moving in a strange pattern. Barking and growling of these dogs were still revealing our location, which we had to keep in secret.

– Pregnant. – Guys mom spoke on my left side.

– What? – I asked grimed.

– The back of the vehicle … – she showed with finger, – … See, he dropped infantry. Pregnant. – she whispered.

– Can we place ourselves further away from the sidewalk or play dead? Let’s play dead. – I proposed.

Piercing shot came from policeman’s rifle, flash and a bullet had hit the corpse which I crossed not long ago.

– Here is you answer. – silently Crystal replied through joyful smirk.

Silence ensued. At once the streets turned deaf like some veil of silence has fallen from the sky and bloodily strangled the noise which was spreading in the city before the sound of bullet. Transporter has stopped. There was no more cracking noise spending from concrete under his wheels. Engine started purring with a tranquilizing sound as only trucks know how to do. Dogs quieted and snarling came from their side. Silence, dead silence, nor even “Bleeding Though – Divide the Armies”, has been heard from the towers. Some sort of smell was in the air with omen of trouble and gunpowder. My heart was beating silly. In the moment I thought that I have suffered a heart attack. I was breading heavily, maybe because I was lying on my belly. I gazed immovable at the shades that were franticly reaming around with their gun sights. I loaded my Glok as quieter as I could, while the Guys mother was wisely wrapping bloody bandages around her thighs. If anything, she could simulate death and save her head. Chances are half-half, but she may pass unharmed.

I threw my view behind myself and saw a piece of cap and blue headscarves behind the cars slowly and quietly moving to change clip of Abakan rifle. Green ban was lurking through the window of a car sticking out its muzzle toward infantry which was making laser light show. Two “separate” with slick bastard were trying to slowly crawl outside the barricades and go away from certain conflict. Cunts! They would let the whole city burn, only to take care of themselves. Suddenly, transporter brawled again and heavy metal from the towers spread the song “Arch enemy – End of the line”. Again the noise took the streets, that adrenaline noise than was heard two seconds before. Flashes of fire and shadows started to fall. The brothers in scarves released the burst on men in the mist. Automatic fire of police was burning upward the desolated flat then downward to their right side, and then it got extinguished with assistance of ours. Iron statue in the midst of the road was standing still, gushed the dark smoke from its mufflers. Bullets rattled against him making sparks and then bursting light of six barreled machine gun from dome came mottling everywhere in one strong line. The line of bullets in flames stopped at the left with the mechanical sounds, pointing at the region of that small apartment and cut him in half. Gray dust of cement and powder mixed with the fog around us. Tower has fallen. Metal ringing was dispersing ricochets as Crystal’s P-90 loudly hummed in short rates of fire, knocking down shadows that roamed in front of us, searching for any good position and shelter. The line of inflamed bullets from the dome flew through our street and turned toward the right flank into the street where the enemy fire was coming. Fog hysterically ran away from the powerful torch at the top of turret.

I depleted whole magazine affecting barely visible targets, I even shot blindly in direction of bursting fire of police, hoping that I would shut them up. I think I took at least two of them. From the right, behind the corner of the building, fog passed away and its place a weak yellow flame took over, too weak for the blast, too permanent for the shot. The blast was not for sure, I would hear something if that’s the issue. Fire from the dome was amok pouring bullets and continually scrabbling at the light in the distance. Light from the right stepped up. “In what does this steel beast aims at?”, I wondered. Police infantry was falling on the concrete floor through moan and cries, spilling blood in streams to water down the dusty street. Music stepped up, and the light was turning into the bright yellow and orange. Moment after, a shell of a car in flames appeared and with high speed rammed into the armored vehicle blowing it sky high in the air. The force was so strong that threw up the dome five feet high, rotating it in the air. Impact wave, like a hand, withdrew all the dust from the streets and blew it in our direction. For a moment I became deaf and remained without air. I barely got to cover my head and conglobate beneath the van which was desperately holding on not to collapse over me. Crystal was grasping her knees in screams of panic. Rubble from which we were all afraid banged on the soil with a characteristic sound of metal bending. Heated fire was gleaming from him while cries were still heard out of the candle lit crew. Fire crackling, heavy metal and yells ruled the block. Stench of combustion was spreading in the air that clogged my nose. I withdrew phantom mask to pick through ears and waggle the jaw. Guy’s mother was silently weeping in fear along with painful shouts of police that have started to be well heard. Situation started to calm down and dust to set over the street again, forming a layer on the asphalt.

Sound of metal penetration through meat was moved to stifle irregularly scattered officers. Powerful whoops were interfered with calls for mercy. I look barely parting chin from chest and noticed tall semi-nude longhaired white men as they slaughtered shouts and begs with a sparkling objects. Dragons and their “Bastards” were wrapping up a business which ammunition didn’t. I felt proud, not because of the Dragons who saved our lives, even to those cowards, but because I know what fool supplies them with bullets. When the sight cleared I began watching them better. There, in the right side of the street, was a line of dozen wounded Dragons with Kalashnikovs, Hecklers and some other machineguns. One approached the screaming transporter and yelled “Here let me help you!”, and then handed out its part and urinated over the red hot metal. Two others made a tour around their enemies’ bodies collecting lots of their weapons and ammunition, while the other couple was giving assistance to the crying by the edge of blades. Sometimes they would poke them repeatedly for entertainment, trying to use cries and play their favorite songs. They knew to be broad creatively brutal in options for torture. Different tattoos of dragons adorned their bodies together with filth and scars which they proudly wore.

[1] Modifyed version Kalasnjikov, known by a  certain color

[2] The model of rifles of the Belgian manufacturer which has the characteristic features and the way of feeding



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